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Sideshow Freaks and oddities - wickedly sick deformations
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Not sick in the gory, bloody way, but for sure some way freaky or maybe just a sick joke on some poor fool by Mother Nature herself.

Check this shit out… Crazy, rare deformations and birth defects - Parasitic Twins, fused limbs, ossification and other rare conditions of deformation

parasitic twin modern

A Parasitic Twin is a birth that maybe should have been 2 babies or twins, but went sideways and ended up as 1.5 kids. yep 1.5. This is the really rare condition of having a “host” fully formed body and a partial “parasitic” body attached. It is parasitic because it needs the host to survive usually using many of the hosts organs. Below are the details and images of people with serious deformations. Most of these photos were taken because the individuals were involved with circus acts and sideshows to earn a living… many of them got rich and supported large families from the acts.

May - Joe

may-joe.jpgMay-Joe” was born on a farm in Ashland County, Ohio, on October 16, 1905, the child - or children - of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Ethinger. The child had three buttocks, three legs, all poorly developed, two stomachs, and two sets of kidneys. May - Joe was also a hermaphrodite. The parents called him a boy at first and named him George, later he bacame a girl and used a few names, and later on again… he returned back to being a boy. Oddly enough, unlike the rest of us, May - Joe had his choice of sexes from birth.

May - Joe is believed to have lived into adolescence but was never able to walk or sit up correctly because her legs were poorly formed and could not support her.

Later on May decided to become George since the option was available having both sets of genitals.



Parasitic Twin - Myrtlye Corbin. Born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868. Her condition is know as complete dipygus - she was born with a fully duplicated lower body. She had two small pelvises side-by-side, and four legs, the two smaller ones inside being paired with each outer leg. Her smaller legs were atrophied due to lack of use, though she did have full control over them and was able to move them independently.

four legged woman, myrtyl parasitic twin

She also had two fully functioning sets of reproductive organs. She married at the age of 19 and had five children, three of which it is said was born from one side of her body, and the remaining two from the other side. WOW, how crazy is that, maybe she should have considered herself lucky to never have been pregnant on both sides at the same time.

Ruth Berry, born around 1910, was a prominent attraction from 1930-1965. She was born with phocomelia in all four limbs and her fingers were fused, giving her the appearance of having flippers. She was known professionally as “Mignon” or “Mickey Mignon” - “mignon” means “cute” in French. In her act, Ruth played the marimba, an African instrument similar to a xylophone.

Francesco A. Lentini was born in 1889 in Siracusa, Sicily, and was rasied by his aunt after his parents refused to acknowledge their deformed child. He was placed in a disabledthree legs children’s home until the age of nine, at which time he came to the united states to be exhibited. Frank had double sex organs and a rudimentary foot growing from the knee of his third leg.

Harry Raymond Eastlack was born in 1930. Like many other so-called ossified or “stone” people, he suffered from a rare disease known as FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva), which literally turns connective tissue to bone and immobilizes the patient. Babies with FOP are normal in every respect, except for a characteristic deformity of the big toe. Symptoms begin between 10 and 20 years of age; in Harry’s case, he was 10 years old when his body began to ossify. FOP first makes itself known through painful fibrous nodules in the neck and shoulders, and removal of these nodules causes larger ones to form. Harry was only able to move his lips and was forced to take a liquid diet. He died of pneumonia in 1973, and before his death requested that his body be donated to science. His unique skeleton is on display at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.


This man, Dos Santos is known to have had three legs and two working sets of male genitals.

two sets of male genitalia

It was not dos Santos’ three legs that most excited medical men, but his double genitalia. He possessed two functioning penes and three scrota, the outer two of which each contained a single testis.

Wrote the photographer C.D. Fredericks, creator of the only known photograph of dos Santos, in 1865, “…the sight of a female is sufficient to excite his amorous propensities. He functionates with both of the penes, finishing with one, then continues with the other.” He urinated and achieved erections with both penes simultaneously. In fact, since his fame coincided with the career of Blanche Dumas, the three-legged courtesan, it was rumored that the two of them had an affair.


At the same time, Blanche Dumas was also touring in freakshows and sideshows and the rumor was that Blanche really wanted to Meet Dos Santos because she had three legs and two sets of female genitalia, guess that would make her his perfect counterpart..

According to Gould and Pyle, “There were two vaginae and two well-developed vulvae, both having equally developed sensations. The sexual appetite was markedly developed, and coitus was practised in both vaginae.”

Maxine - Mina

Born in the Philippines around 1896. She claimed to have been born with total control of all four leg.


“Lobster Claw Hands” This way sick deformation runs in families, This Man, Grady Stiles had it as did 3 of his children.

lobster claw deformation grady stiles

Grady III, Son of Grady Stiles, his sister Cathy and another brother had the same condition.


Here is a photo gallery of some more images of Parasitic twins and some other wicked birth defects and rare deformations

deformed hands chinese man

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This Site Makes Me Sad I Dont Know How I Could Live Like These People. I Know That I Am A Very Lucky Person And I Consider Them Lucky To They Have Gifts That Very Rarely Will Anyone Else Have Bless Yall : )

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