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Chick fight for sure and I believe the chick got the upper hand in this brawl or at least was able to squeak load enough to make the monitor say F this shit and walk away from his fiesty lunch. I wonder how dinner time went.

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The Red Ponchos are a very old, grassroots, military group on Bolivia. They are made up of mostly a single tribe of native indians. The Aymara people, represent about a third of Bolivia. The group sports red ponchos and carries outdated weapons when threatened.

In the last few years, they have been in the news as some of the group achieved political power. The group fights, sometimes guerrilla style against what it believes is oppression and soldiers hide their rifles under their red ponchos. What they are trying to do may be a good thing for the people, but their methods of getting their men all riled up is a bit on the sick side. This video is some really sad shit and very hard to watch for anyone that loves dogs.

The video shows dogs being hung by the neck and decapitated with a knife. No matter what the cause, this is wrong, dog executions.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

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There has been so much controversy over the too sick practice of eating dogs. Talk about some sick food.

Some countries like the Philippines have outlawed the practice and made dog meat illegal (too bad no one enforces it)

This is just wrong, the sick video below shows the treatment of the dogs before being slaughtered. Sick Shit for sure. Many of them are totally abused and beaten before being sliced and diced into soup. In one of these videos, the fool hangs the poor tortured dog. WTF?

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Sick Video for sure… There may be a lesson learned here as this may not be the best way to remove a giant whale carcass from a beach. Exploding Whales may be a safety hazered all around since many large whales weigh as much as 150 tons.

Actually, the carcuss remains, but now in pieces that have been thrown for miles around and caused some casualties along the way. Can I get a thumbd up for a poorly planned plan thatwent sideways.

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Are these fools serious? Have you ever seen anything so sickeningly cute… EVER?

Sick Shit for sure, in a good, wholesome way…  sickeningly cute vid of kittens, yep kittens.

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What The hell is this crazy bitch thinking? Really now…. She goes on TV talking about Thanksgiving and her Turkey pardon while standing in a pool of turkey blood during an execution by beheading of the turkey’s family.

Now, did she really pardon some poor turkey or was it all a publicity stunt gone redneck? we’ll never know I guess.

Isn’t this just a plain dumb thing to do during a Turkey Pardon… not for Sarah I guess.

Check out the Palin Pardon Video with a blood soaked backdrop and a bird losing his head a few feet away… sick shit and yes, a gross video for sure…. GROSS STUPIDITY or just gross video.

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Here are some sick and twisted jobs you may want to stay away from… The following are either people with really sick jobs or just people doing a really sick job.

Or you can click here to check out the gallery of sick & dirty jobs plus images of the jobs that donkeys do.

Target holder


Here is a crazy sick job, what would his title be? Or better yet, what was his price?


Check this one out, the deodorant tester / armpit sniffer. WTF? Yep, this looks like something they would have done in the 1950’s.


Elephant pooper scooper


Basket Bicycle delivery, a bit overloaded maybe


How about this crazy sick job, car cleaner (in g-string) at the mud derby, I think she has a lot of work ahead of her.


Sick Job, Human Pie target


Purple penguin, not liking his job today


The protester, and hey, this fool may be worse off than the others, he is most likely not even being paid. This is like sick volunteering.


Pollution inspector. That just seems like a really dirty job and yes, some sick shit running through his fingers


Cow transport - when you have no truck, just improvise


Here are more images of some sick jobs

click here to check out the gallery of sick & dirty jobs plus images of the jobs that donkeys do.

click here for the full gallery

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We know gas prices are getting high, here are a few very green alternatives to gas.
Benifits are huge… Your fuel bill is in the form of hay. No need to worry about mechanical or electrical malfunctions and replacing the engine only takes a minute.

You can also make your donkey car look cool and stylish by adding a few logos.

Check out this Middle Eastern Geo. Thats gas efficiency for sure


The Cow Truck, cow power, may need to stop for grazing often.


Here is one of the down sides to the donkey mobile, You may overload it and it just won’t have the horsepower to get out of the situation.


Alligator car, this may be a bit dangerous


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Feline oddities - Sick looking kitty cats. Just like people, cats have their share of deformations">crazy deformations and birth defects. Below are some crazy looking cats, unfortunately, most did not live for more than a few hours. Usually, badly deformed babies are miscarried early on, but sometimes they are born and we all trip out on it….

Here is some crazy sick shit, Feline oddities - cyclops the kitty cat

cyclops kitten

 Another cyclops kitty


 This kitten has duplicated limbs. It’s almost like two separate bodies stuck back to back. I believe they could not be separated because they shared organs.


 Two face the fat cat



An old black and white of a two faced cat above. Below, well, it may be a hoax. The vet believes that the kittens below are merely stuck together due to dried fluids from birth. The reason for this not being real Siamese sextuplets is because they are all different colors and there is no way mama kitty could have squeezed that crazy mess out like that. makes sense to me. either way, a crazy mess to be in.



 This oddly deformed kitty cat had no facial features, no mouth or nose to even breathe with.


This cat not only has two heads, but 2 brains as well, from what I read. The owners claimed potty training was a serious problem.


 This cat, well, he may just have eaten too much


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This is a sick video and will most likely piss off any animal lover. This is a video from Iraq showing American soldiers having a bit of fun with the locals pets. I get so angry about shit like this, can’t these fools wait for the dog to leave before blowing up the explosives. The video is of the soldiers blowing up a dog in the street and having some fun doing it.  They must be bored, WTF?

If they do this to helpless dogs, you gotta wonder what the hell they are doing to the people. oh, wait, we already know. It really annoys me that the military allows this kind of behavior and only reprimands for it after the media has somehow gotten hold of the video. Of course, the reprimand is not for the actions but for leaking the incriminating video.

And unfortunately, fools like this reflect badly on the American military as a whole. These idiots stir up more hate from the locals and good soldiers pay the price with their lives.

Click Here to watch the sick Video of animal cruelty


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