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Winnie Judd seems to have shot Hedvig Samuelson, 24, in the head, along with another woman and tried to stuff her in a trunk. When the trunk was not large enough, Winnie Judd cut up the body into four parts and packed her that way. She then took the trunks filled with 2 dead bodies on the train to Los Angeles with her. She then became called the trunk Murderess… hmm

winnie judd trunk murderess

What a sick pic, A family portrait? Being beheaded is bad enough, but to wind up with this sick threesome as your final photo is pretty horrific.


This is most likely NOT what this cat had in mind when he decided to hang himself. One final embarrassment for sure… that is some sick shit! literally.


Case of Brain Freeze? Yikes. I am just assuming the driver died, I may be wrong.


Getting impaled is one thing, but this is ridiculous. Is that an IV in him? My God,. that man has a tree through him.


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