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this is a hardcore video, WTF? I know this sick video has been popular around various sites, but, I just had to post the craziness. Yikes. Here’s the not so sick news, I hear this poor fool actually lived after this crazy crash. I have no idea how someone can survive that crazy shit, but I sure feel better watching the video knowing that he did… I think.

sick video as some person gets run over hardcore

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This is onewrecks" target="_blank"> sick wreck. The truck trailer is almost indistinguishable and I have no clue how that red 4 door sedan got right into the middle of that mess.  I must add, from this angle, those police cruisers are perfectly lined up. This almost looks like one of those wild police chase videos you see that went way sideways.



A towing company called D & E Towing keeps pictures of some of the crazy truck wrecks, truck spills and sick shit they have responded to. Check out some of the not too safe driving damage done below. The guys at D & E must have had a challenging task of pulling all these wrecks out of the twisted mess, starting with this one that seems to be floating in a lake.


So what was this twisted and burned up wreck originally? Almost reminds me of a motorhome.


This upside down truck spill seems to have spilled its load of sand



Alcohol abuse maybe? Are those kegs of beer I see spilling out of that truck wreck? If not, they sure look like kegs of some sort. A good amount of aluminum is heading towards the recycling yard after this.


Yikes, WTF? that is one sick car wreck. I wish I knew what the story behind that crazy shit was.


Looks like a twisted up “liquid carrying” truck, but I may be wrong.


For more sick car wrecks and crazy truck spills check out our wrecks site at wrecks.justsickshit.com.

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Brain Surgeon, he’s not! A bit silly, not a big deal, BWTF dude, drive straight!

Car in ditch

The car sustained minimal damage and we got it out of the ditch but I still feel like a complete idiot. I really wish I never did shit like this. I really do try not to be a fuck up. Embarrassed as I am, however, I can still see the humor in the situation.

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Moose plowes into the car, or car plows into the poor Moose, neither the auto nor the giant moose did too well here. Actually, the moose and the car seem to have gne to an early grave in this sick wreck.

This all happened in a place called South River, which is about 40 miles S. of North Bay in Ontario.

moose xing or crossing

This is the second time I have done a post such as this because these accidents are so amazing. The moose is almost 1/4 the size of the car and may in fact be 1/4 the weight as well. I have looked at many pictures of animals hitting cars or cars hitting animals in North America, but the most damage is always done by the moose. I really can’t think of any other animal around here that can total a car.

You would think this kind of thing… yes, moose slams into car… does not happen often, but from what I have read, it does happen often and many roads even have signs up warning of Moose crossing.

Anyway in this way sick wreck below, the moose slammed through the windshield and out the back window.

moose mows over car in a serios car wreck

So here is what they say happened.. The Moose went right through the windshield and half out the back…trapping the women underneath it!! Crazy eh? That happened just north of South River…While I was on the phone with the guy reporting it, he says its dead..then all of a sudden he says oh oh its still alive….then he shouts does anyone have a shotgun!!! Can you imagine..trying to shoot the moose with the women underneath!! Quite the call I tell ya! The lucky woman driver ended up with a broken wrist and needed a good bath. The moose’s insides were all over her.

Yikes, amazing and so, so, sad at the same time.


moose involved in auto accident

So why did the Moose cross the Road? well apparently to get to the lady moose on the other dfw_moose_news.jpgside and we know how blinding lust can be.

From an article about the issue of Moose vs. Cars

Hitting a moose with a car is dangerous and the results can be tragic. In September and October, when a cow comes into her breeding cycle there is virtually nothing that can keep an amorous suitor away. Problems arise when this game of “catch me if you can” take moose into residential areas or across major highways. Similarly, in the spring when yearling moose are trying to find a new territory, moose sightings on roads and highways are more frequent. Because they have no predators, moose can be oblivious to the potential dangers posed by cars, trucks, buses and trains and most people are unaware of the number of moose in our midst.

December 20, 2007

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There is a family of Moose in Canada that is really missing mom. This poor Moose got hit by a small car, looks like she flipped over it and somehow went through the back window with her head on the seat. I feel so horrible for this moose, the woman had a few broken ribs but survived

moose hit by car

insane auto wreck where car is hit by a moose in canada

auto wreck in canada hit by animal


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The video below shows what happens when some fools feel the need to show off how well they can drive, when they really can’t. Yes, these cats wreck the cars and bikes.

These guys just don’t know how to leave the jackass stunts to the pros and leave the rest of the people driving down the streets safe from stupid stunts. Stupid drivers should not breed, maybe one day they would be extinct.

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So we all know that people that live in big cities at times will double park, but these fools took the double parking just a bit too far, really, I have no idea how some of them even did this! So exactly, how do you get your Accord (or whatever that is) on top of another car?

new meaning to double parked


double parked

crash auto">parking lot crash auto




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Check out the car in this video… This is insane, The car gets cut in 2 pieces and those pieces end up way far apart… I have never seen anything like this. The car is literally cut into two pieces. Makes you wonder how fast you need to go to cut a car in 2.

The video is about a DUI and I do not know if the person lived or died…. but the quote from the video does say that he was alive after this and flown to the hospital. It’s hard to believe a human body can survive that when the hard metal car gets crushed to pieces… Foolish and lucky I guess.

Here is the quote

“lucky male is flown to a trauma center by helo after the car he drove split itself in half after colliding with a telephone pole. The male suffered critical injuries including a triple-compound fracture to the right lower leg. Oh yes, the driver was drunk”

If the worst thing that happened to this fool was a fractured leg, then he must really be one of the luckiest motherfu**ers on earth after that mess… or well protected from high above.

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This is a video I found that compiles some of the sickest Nascar wrecks together

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click the link above to watch a high speed chase ending in a wreck… this fool took his truck to 100MPH and then lost control flipping the truck on the side of the freeway

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