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Yikes, hope my granny never did this shit! The boob job ain’t helping the situation either.

granny in bikini

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Knowing when your chick is angry or has something on her mind is sometimes not too tough.But if anyone is having trouble, here are 5 sure fire ways to tell that she is angry with your dumb ass.

What’s the saying? Hell has no fury like a women scorned.

1) When she tells people about your penis size.

Nothing says “I hate you” quite like a a billboard advertising your penis size over a giant crowd.

Crazy agry women

2) When she throws your shit out the house and leaves a small note.

cheating husband

3) When she asks for a divorce.

how to know your woman is angry

 4) When she takes some aggression out on your car

car axed

 5) When she just comes out and tells you how she feels

car vandalized

Whats the lesson? Don’t piss that crazy bitch off .  (refer to saying at the top).

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What happens when you decide cooking oil is a fine substitute for Botox? hmmm…. you don’t need to wonder, check this crazy shit out.

before cooking oil

and here she is after all her crazy plastic surgery


A Korean woman named Hang Mioku was so obssesed with plastic surgery that she went nuts with it. After too many doctors refused to do any more and that is when this nutcase decided to play doctor herself.

From what I read seems like Hang found a doctor who gave her a “do-it-yourself” silicone injection treatment. This crazy woman ran out of silicone and figured that cooking oil was a great alternative. Hey why not? seems like a logical choice for things you can screw yourself up with… NOT.

After her do it at home cooking oil injections, shit went sideways for Hang. It seems cooking oil was a really bad choice.

Hang gained some sympathy in Korea after her horrifying story aired on TV.  Viewers donated money to a fund to help correct her self mutilation and doctors removed 20 grams of foreign substance from Hang Moiku’s face and 200 grams from her neck. Looking at the above picture, I think there is more reconstructive work to be done. That is some sick ass shit for sure.

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What do rednecks do for fun?  I got that answer… Tie a case of beer to their old ladies ass and watch her tractor the shit around. Crazy new sport I guess.

Redneck tractor pull

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Proof That plastic surgery can’t work for everyone. Not that we really need any since Mike and Latoya Jackson became the twins they were never born as. Sick pics of plastic surgery gone wrong.

JocelynWhat can a former marine and a high society socialite possibly have in common? a plastic surgeon maybe? A pale on Just Sick Shit?

OK, its the nutty desire to be a cat.

Here is definite proof that money can’t buy looks… even 2 million.

Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein spent a rumored 2million (UK or US… not sure) on plastic surgery. She is believed to have started this nutty transformation to keep her husband interested in her, sadly, her husband died last year and she is stuck living this way.

catwoman jocelyn wildenstein

The good news is that we can clearly say that no one is able to guess her age… 62 or 63, I believe. From her photo, she looks like an ageless wreck.

Check out Jocelyn’s transformations over the years

wildenstein bad sick plastic surgery

Final cost to Jocelyn … about 2 mil
The “don’t end up like me” message to other nuts ….. priceless!

By the way, below is a picture of Dennis Abner (Dennis Smith), the man who surgically tried to turn himself into a cat and now goes by catman,

The catman is rumored to have spent about 100k and has some sick tattoos  ans some wicked bod mod to show as well… maybe he got the better deal

catman dennis abner

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I know everyone has seen this, but this is classic, dumb shit.

If anyone ever wonders why so many people around the world use the words “Stupid Americans” maybe a bit too often, well…. I have a feeling this stupid video below helps explain it.

This is footage of what should be the brightest and prettiest of a new generation. I mean, they do go out of the way to ask pageant contestants questions.  Answering not so tough questions allows them to show off their personality and mental abilities.  It’s not just about the beauty, ya know.

Anyway, this sadly, is pretty funny.

What a fuckin Idiot. talk about some sick shit going on in this interview

Question: why is it that 1/5 th of Americans can not find the US on a world map?

Miss Carolina’s answer: US Americans can’t do it because some people out there in South Africa, Iraq and other Asian countries don’t have maps….



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Yikes, this Asian chick does not miss a beat, she eats these live giant scorpions as though they were spaghetti.  Talk about a hard core chick. Just sick food for sure.


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Sick shit - This is where women rode in a taxi during the Taliban rule. At least they propped it up with a stick to give them some natural AC. Nothing is more important in service occupations that depend on tips, than the comfort of the passengers.


And here is a Taliban fashion show, showing the lovely spring fashion that woman will really die for. Those middle eastern models are hot! well really.

taliban fashion show

Mother and child photo, well, I think thats the mother, it may be the uncle filling in for the shot, but hey, the kid still gets his lasting memories to remember mom by, well if she dies in a bomb blast before he is 10. Family portraits are so heartwarming.


Now the above are pictures from some years back, Today, the woman are free, or at least President Bush told us that in a speech. I guess in their defense it could be worse, they just sell the girls to the highest bidder, in China, the girls have no such luck. The 12 year old below tells us about how much better life really is after you get rid of one religious nut and replace with your chosen religious nut. Maybe a squirrel should decide, they do know nuts better than anyone else.

She was only 12 when her father married her to an elderly man for a significant dowry payment. “He [her husband] was very brutal and was treating me violently,” Razia said.

“No one was helping me escape my husband’s cruelty,” the distraught teenager said, adding that her only resort was to elope with a young man whom she thought would give her a new life.

Months later Razia registered for divorce from her elderly husband. “As I filed for divorce the police arrested me and put me in prison,” she told IRIN.

Not only is elopement unlawful for a married woman in Afghanistan, it is also taboo.

It is unclear how long Razia will remain in prison. She could be sentenced to death or get 10-15 years. Sexual relations outside marriage are considered a serious offence in Afghan civil law, which is derived from Islamic Sharia law.

Bora Gull Heha, 16 years old, lies in a hospital bed in Kandahar. When the abuse became intolerable, Heha took what she though was her only way out. She grabbed an oil lamp and set herself ablaze. (CP PHOTO/Stephanie Levitz)


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just sick attire -  So check this out, the multi-purpose, recyclable wedding dress. When the wedding is over, the dress may still be useful for years to come…come…and come again, really. And don’t trip, since its made of durable latex with a pretty long half life, there is no chance of it getting ruined by moths, mildew or even some spilled milk.

Check out the rest of the Condom dress pictures here - bizarre latex attire

purple condom wedding dress

now, why does this one look a bit dingy, yellow… and kinda used? yikes.. sick shit?

condom white wedding gown

Now, there are fashion shows in China featuring these stunning rubbers, hmmm, thats one way to deal with population control. Make sure they are well stocked at the wedding. Some of these dresses used 10,000+ condoms to make. 10k, thats lifetime stock.

condom fashion show in China

pretty in pink

pretty in pink condoms

condom couture

 Wait, don’t leave without your hat

condom hat

Check out the rest of the Condom dress pictures here - bizarre latex attire

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Ancient Chinese secret… how to change a girl into a boy, may need to remain a secret since it does not seem to work. It seems some not too well intentioned grandparents broke out the voodoo books and metal pins and may have tried their hands at the old wives tale cure for that horrible Asian birth defect, femaleatosis. That particular plague seems to effect 1/2 the population. Anyway, the pin cushion/human voodoo doll cure, did not work as well as they had hoped for. Sorry grandma and grandpa, still have a granddaughter, maybe they should have removed the pins after a few hours of baby crying and yet no miraculous change in gender.

Here is the original story… Doctors in China have saved the life of a woman who had 26 pins and needles inserted into her body when she was a child in an apparent attempt to change her sex to a boy.

human pin cushion

The objects were discovered when the 29-year-old woman, named in local papers as Luo Cuifen, went to hospital for a check-up after she started experiencing blood in her urine.

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