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This comes from a some crazy and sick mofo I call a friend….

He loves his Salvia plants - Personally, I have never tried it, it scares the shit out of me, I like my mind in tact.

Witchcraft in the USA Today?

salvia divinorum plantOnly in the minds of those who wish to stamp it out. You see, no real witchcraft exists other than in the crazed imaginings of a few who are…. A- stupid enough to think they are witches…and B- stupid enough to think they need to fight witches.

The real witchcraft exists in the minds of those who think they can see it out there in our society and feel the call to stamp it out. And since there is no real witchcraft to “fight” they need to make some up.

Like the Salvia Divinorum Plant.

Despite the fact that no one has ever been addicted to this Plant – robbed anyone because of it – died of an overdose of it – killed anyone under the influence of it – beat their spouse and children – driven their car off a cliff – jumped out of windows or even painted their face half-blue…….it is now demonized by the mindless parroting media as a deadly addictive menace needing urgent attention. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ewwww, this is some sick shit, I hope some of these are photoshopped cus this is beyond ridiculous. Steroid of beyond natural explanation. Mother nature may be  throwing up right now, but hey, to each their own. The competitive spirit.

For more disgusting images of steroid freaks click here

steroid freak



How does he lower his arms?


steroid freaks of non nature


Anabolic Steroids - Commonly prescribed in the treatment of female breast cancer, androgen deficiency, and for stimulation of growth, weight gain, and red blood cell production. These are commonly known as “anabolic steroids” because they promote muscle growth. They are also commonly used to help patients recover from a surgery and cancer treatment that resulted in damage to muscle tissue.


From a bodybuilding site:

The number 1 myth about professional bodybuilding is…

You can get as big as a pro bodybuilder without taking steroids; it just takes longer.

Despite what many of the magazines say, all professional bodybuilders use either steroids or steroids in combination with other growth-enhancing drugs. Without manipulating hormones, it just isn’t possible to get that degree of muscularity, the paper-thin skin, and the continuing ability to pack on mass, despite sometimes having poor workout habits and relative ignorance of the principles involved that many pro bodybuilders have. Many supplement distributors, in order to sell their products, would have you believe otherwise.

Still, that’s no reason to give up.

Yep, no reason to give up at all, just join the club. You too can shrink your nut sack to the size of sun dried raisins, get in line for a kidney transplant, and compete for Mr. bizarre-o 2009.  Well, if you don’t mind reliving pubescent acne 100 fold.



 For more disgusting images of steroid freaks click here


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This must be one of the funniest dumb criminal videos I have seen in a long time. I am still laughing about it. This dumb drunk tries to rob a liquor store and gets beat by bottles and flying debris in the process.

It’s hard to tell if he is just that stupid or just that drunk, either way it adds up to some sick shit. Poor drunk fool seems thankful when the police do arrive to rescue him from himself.

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We are almost at the 1 year anniversary of this dumb stunt. How do you lose a ton of cocaine, well its simple if you’re reckless, have no idea how to drive and have maybe used a bit too much of your own product.

Millions of dollars in coke going down the drain, maybe literally.

Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" alt="Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" align="middle" vspace="5" hspace="5" />

In Colombia, Bogota, wrecks">truck overturned when it cornered a turn too fast, spilling almost a ton of cocaine on the highway.

So this fool, knowing he has 1 ton of columbian cocaine in his truck decides to test the laws of physics in his truck? I believe most people would be extra careful driving with a gram of cocaine in a vehicle, much less a ton of dope. WTF?

The truck was wrecked, the driver was not hurt in the crash (will be badly hurt once his boss finds out he lost a ton of cocaine) can you imagine explaining that one and having to cough it up to being plain stupid, yikes.

Talk about having a really bad day.

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Suspect allegedly threatens to turn tavern into drug haven unless he’s paid weekly.

WILKES-BARRE – Police Wednesday arrested a man suspected of threatening to turn a sports tavern and pizzeria into a drug haven unless he was paid $500 a week.

Dope Dealer Arested Egerton C. Wood, 31, of Arch Street, Wilkes-Barre, was charged with robbery and terroristic threats after the early morning arrest. He was jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $15,000 bail.

Police said Wood entered the Pitcher’s Mound Pub and Pizzeria on Blackman Street and threatened bartender George Castiglia.

Castiglia told corrupt-police/">police Wood demanded $500 a week or he was going to begin selling illegal drugs at the tavern. Wood also threatened to harm Castiglia and his family, police said.

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So ladies, do you wanna lose 20 lbs in a week? (may lose your teeth as a small side effect… nothin to worry about… that takes a few months) Get them chiseled cheekbones everyone is dying for? (small chance you may literally die) Go for that oh, so stylish Grunge look? Get a free headshot modeling portfolio courtesy of your local police department? (The police may even throw in some free room and board if lucky) and… you will never need to tweaze your eyebrows again (they get burned off by the torch as a bonus).

Boys… Same as above, but, you get a better deal! yep, you can have sex for hours on end because you can’t cum (please be aware that only applies to weekend use, daily use causes the limp dick syndrome… sorry, it can’t all be good)

So check out these great results… WOW, like totally awsome

speed and crystal meth makeover

and, I must add, This lady actually did get her free headshot portfolio! (courtesy of the police department)… but really, 10 years is a long time to wait. Trust me, I say it can be done in weeks, these hotties did it, so can you!

meth addicted teen sick shitThis lovely lady got the full treatment in only 6 weeks! yes those incredible sucked in cheeks can be yours in as little as 6 weeks! and can you see how much higher her brows look since her eyes squint a bit from the light now. Also, she has that just been punched in the mouth full lip look that so many ladies pay the cosmetic surgeons for… always a plus!

meth teenThis mother daughter team is very special. Yes, I gotta admit the meth makeover system did not work as quickly on them, but look at the results and you will agree the changes are in fact RADICAL. Now there is a downside to the Meth family plan (you can see the daughter crying over it), The family unit must share and that may cause a bit of tension between them… but rest assured that anycrystal meth nightmare conflict will always be resolved (courtesy of the police department…again, when they both get room and board together). Then they get the family portfolios and get to discuss the awsome headshots together… The flip side is they may get into another small argument over which one of them the meth belongs to… each one trying to do the “right” thing and give the meth to the other… and that is true family love.

To prove how well the system works… check this out. This is an actual client NOT A MODEL! and she got her own billboard due to the Crystal Meth system!

meth billboard

So now I have covered all the benifits… please send 29.95 to 1234 IamaTweakerLoser street apt 666, trailertrash, California to order yours!

I will even give you the Meth fuckedintheass guarantee that you will NEVER get your money back if you don’t like the system!
I guarantee that you will love Meth so much that you may want to lie, cheat and steal from everyone who cares about you just to get more! yep! you will love the Meth RADICAL makeover so much that you will steal from your girlfriend who supports you, lie your ass off as you take your grandma’s jewelery… and even go on LONG Meth missions in someone else’s car!

WOW! who can resist again… to try the Meth system please send 29.95 to 1234 IamaTweakerLoser street apt 666, trailertrash, California to order yours!

deviland now a short word from our sponsor


k, enough of that

Getting back to the Meth System, here are our awsome ingredients… only the best will do.

huge saleCooked ephedrine or pseudoephedrine found in cold medicines or weight loss aids. The pills are crushed into powder, then blended to a steady boil with other solvents like starter fluid or Coleman fuel. Its strained through one of your children’s diapers and set aside to dry in the basement or living room. The foaming white, crumbly residue can be smoked in a traditional, contemporary American crack pipe [high in 3-5 minutes] — or placed on tinfoil, heated from below with a cigarette lighter and the vapors inhaled [high in 2-3 minutes]. If the end product looks more like crystals than powder, they can be melted over a spoon, sucked into a communal syringe, and injected into your bloodstream [immediately high]. And, I hear that sticking it in your ass is very popular in gay culture. Also, the 2 later ways may give you that HIV bonus while I hear the first few may only get you the Hep C. So of course, with a bonus like that, the gay community is all over it… and you too can be GAY yourself and order! again… please send 29.95 to 1234 IamaTweakerLoser street apt 666, trailertrash, California to order yours!

So you can see that we spare no cost.. and even include a bit of us in the mix like with the kids (maybe dirty) diapers. We go all out!

meth mess upand… If we mess up and use a diaper that may be too old and dirty and the meth looks a bit brown, we add the additional expence of coloring… yes guys, you can get f’ed up meth in colors (we screwed it up so its not clear, but we fixed it by adding pink dye to the crystal meth)

The dye system to fix the dirty diaper problem has become so popular that a fishing company even named a crystal_meth_red_full1.jpgfish hook over it… WOW!

can you believe it… Our Meth makeover system has gottan so big that a large fishing company has named a great product for us… Thanks guys, we need all the publicity we can get about our efforts to make the customer happy, even if we gotta spend the extra 5 cents on dye due to dirty diapers!

please send 29.95 to 1234 IamaTweakerLoser street apt 666, trailertrash, California to order yours!

as a closer, let me leave you with all the money you can save on dental work, since you may not have teeth left… we all know thats just AWSOME!

meth teeth rotten from speed

please send 29.95 to 1234 IamaTweakerLoser street apt 666, trailertrash, California to order yours!

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