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Winnie Judd seems to have shot Hedvig Samuelson, 24, in the head, along with another woman and tried to stuff her in a trunk. When the trunk was not large enough, Winnie Judd cut up the body into four parts and packed her that way. She then took the trunks filled with 2 dead bodies on the train to Los Angeles with her. She then became called the trunk Murderess… hmm

winnie judd trunk murderess

What a sick pic, A family portrait? Being beheaded is bad enough, but to wind up with this sick threesome as your final photo is pretty horrific.


This is most likely NOT what this cat had in mind when he decided to hang himself. One final embarrassment for sure… that is some sick shit! literally.


Case of Brain Freeze? Yikes. I am just assuming the driver died, I may be wrong.


Getting impaled is one thing, but this is ridiculous. Is that an IV in him? My God,. that man has a tree through him.


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The luxurious California prison medical care system, just sick shit or sick ass luxury… you decide.

This next comment is taken from another site regarding the California, Fox in the Hen House Prison System. The writer claims to be a correctional Union employee and is discussing the luxurious medical care for inmates and unnecessary treatment such as… CPR.

I work in a California prison. Perhaps you should see how egregiously Californians are paying for the healthcare of these criminals where simply poor people, victims’ families, and even veterans lack comparable healthcare. (this fool is too dumb to even realize THATS THE POINT!)
These inmates get medical care that is far beyond what would be considered necessary. Unfortunately, prison doctors have to approve of these unnecessary treatments due to the ever present threat of law suits by opportunistic groups like the PRISON LAW OFFICE (www.prisonlaw.com), who have dedicated their work to the sheer welfare of rapists and murderers.
Unfortunately, it is only the occasional random deaths of inmates that the public hears about. Most Californians are shocked to find out that inmates get any healthcare, let alone the luxury kind that they get. Most prison employees like me, after they start working inside a prison, get amazed at the luxurious and great medical services the inmates get. If you have never spent time in a prison, you would not know this.
Tax-payers should find out about all the lotions, creams, dandruff shampoos, and moisturizers that these inmates get in the guise of medical care. They should find out about the thousands of inmates that get corrective minor surgery to their knees or shoulders (at 30,000 a surgery) for an injury that happened to them, say 20 years ago outside, but never bothered to fix - the kind of surgery that a pro athlete gets for improving his play. They should find out about the $20,000 nose jobs they get for a minor nasal septal deviation that happened to them 40 years ago as a child. California tax-payers should find out about thousands of inmates that get sophisticated radiology tests such as MRIs (at $3000 per MRI) for back, knee, or shoulder pain, which they fake in order to get special accommodations (like a bottom bunk which means a status symbol among prisoners). These are just examples of egregious extravagances that California tax-payers have to cover for their prisoners. If Californians were informed by the media about such things, they would write their legislators and force them to take a tougher stance against this wasteful insanity

The prison population has stolen the clause “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” out of its context of severe punishments over 200 years ago, to dupe the people of this state and country into giving them the luxuries of life inside America’s Prisons. No wonder, over 70% of prison inmates are in there for not the first time. If prison had maintained its original meaning of a punishing environment, you would think more of them, having been there once, would do anything not to go back. Most career criminals in this state do not fear prison, and in fact look forward to being there.
Sure, give them life-saving treatment and treatment that would prevent major illness, pain and suffering, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Only a well-informed public could do this, through contacting their law-makers and fighting this at the Federal level, which is what is forcing California now to pay dearly. Last year, the State spent more than $7000 per inmate’s healthcare! In comparison it spent less than $3500 per employee for state employees who are entitled to full medical benefits through their jobs.

Last month, a report by the Pew Center on the States came out that right now a record 1 in 100 Americans are in prison (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23392251). They cited reasons such as high crime rate, tougher laws, etc. But a very important reason was the higher recidivism (parole violations, like needing to go to work, parking tickets, etc..). Most inmates in California’s prisons, about 75% are there not for the first time. (again, that is the point!).

This is partly because inmates have managed to make prison a much more pleasant place, (would this individual care to stay in such pleasant conditions also?) than say 50 years ago, when prison was still considered punishment. It is really time for the Supreme Court to draw a line on how civil lawyers can abuse the 8th amendment for its ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”. Many inmates are using this clause to win the comforts and luxuries of outside life behind bars, really taking away the punishment factor out of prison. Prison should have a rehabilitative factor. However, a good part of this factor is contributed by its corrective and punishment elements. Purely rehabilitative services should be reserved for those who have destroyed only their own lives. Punishment should still be part of the action applied to those who have destroyed other people’s lives. Civil attorneys on behalf of inmates will try to make people forget about this, and want to make prison’s purpose only a rehabilitative one.
Money hungry lawyers and uninformed activist groups and judges (like Tilton Henderson) have strived to make prison a pleasant place in this country, in some instances almost like a country spa or at least an all-inclusive motel. The good, law-abiding citizens of this state are in a lose-lose battle with the criminals, gangs, rapists, and murderers. These elements are either in free society victimizing free people, or inside luxury prisons costing them billions of dollars. Only a well-informed public and their representatives can put a stop to this debauchery. Perhaps an independent review of the scale of prison medical services can help the public and politicians by giving them the ammunition needed in their battle against activist judges and lawyers, in keeping society safe without bankrupting the State treasury

Now for the pleasantries and top notch care.

A bit back an elderly man died. He was on a tier that had some problem and everyone was forced out of the cells and to stand against a wall for hours. After an hour he complained that he felt dizzy and “not right”. The luxurious medical staff was not called and after he tried to sit on the floor the luxurious guard forced him back up, when another inmate tried to help and held him up, he was punished for attempting to hold up an old man.

Some time later the elderly mans knees buckled and he fell to the floor. The luxurious boot of the guard kicked him in the side to get up. The man struggled and fell again. In the luxury of it all he layed on the floor for 10 to 15 more minutes (the guards were being kind in letting the elderly human rest on the concrete). After his “rest period” was over, he got another jab from the luxurious boot. This time, he did not move. The luxurious guards now called for the luxury of a nurse. Twenty minutes later the luxury of the nurse was seen as she walked over and kicked the man again… still no movement.

The luxurious stretcher was brought down and the man was taken to the luxurious medical ward. Too bad he had died from a heart attack after suffering over 2 hours of shear luxury. It took over an hour from when he collapsed to get a luxurious medical staff member to even look, by then, he had died.
I do agree that the prison medical budget is bloated… maybe if they would stop sending people to prison for traffic infractions, dirty looks, jaywalking and other violation nonsense, the luxury medical center would become a bit cheaper.

I know a woman who is in luxury conditions today on a parole violation. Her ex-husband has 28 charges for domestic violence with a dozen convictions from 2 marriages. They had children and after he was arrested again for beating the wife, kid and dog, he was no longer allowed to see his child. She allowed him to, was caught and went to prison for child endangerment (he has never spent a day in prison with 28 arrests for beating women).

She got paroled, got the kid and a restraining order against him. He tracked her down, created a scene at her home when she did not allow him in. Because the police were called by the neighbors due to him screaming in the yard and throwing things at her house they both got arrested (she was taken in without any charge for a parole hold because police were involved). He was let go in an hour and she got 1 year as a parole violation for doing nothing other than not allowing him in and getting police attention. Her kids are now being taken care of by her roommate, a male friend who has no clue as to what to do with a baby… hopefully, he is learning. She lost her job, her car, her child and her freedom for a violation she had zero control over. Sounds about right for California. Maybe she can get some of that luxury treatment while there.

In the not to luxurious world of county clinics and paramedics, it takes less than 5 minutes to get care after calling 911. I guess luxury takes a lot of time. Seems luxury service goes unappreciated by the family members as they always sue after such luxury and hospitality as grandpa dying for lack of attention.

This man did not get the death penalty, he was simply someone’s elderly grandpa serving 6 months for driving without a license (too many times) after it got revoked. In the luxurious world of the prison union, he got top notch medical care… to bad it was postmortem.

The author claims that the so called “rapists and murderers” are sitting in the lap of luxury and people keep complaining about such nonsense as overcrowding. Last I heard the prison population in California was over 170k. Now if they are all serial murderers, there really should not be anyone left alive in the state. The majority of the prison population is actually non-violent crimes, drug offenders, petty thieves, drunk drivers and parole violators guilty of crimes of paperwork, missed phone calls and the very popular fuck you response to parole officers.

Speaking of luxury service, there was that lady who died on the floor of the county hospital after waiting over 24 hours sitting in a chair to be admitted, finally, falling out of the chair and dying. The security came over sometime later and kicked her (the sick lady) to get up into her chair. It was hours before they realized she was DEAD. The excuse was… they had no clue because sick patients lie down on the floor all the time after the 48 hour wait. WTF? However… California politics feels it needs 18 billion or whatever it is for new prisons and NOT more hospitals (CA has been closing hospitals in the last decade). Glad we have the priorities straight and the unions are getting rich while the sick and poor keep dying in the lobby of our luxurious medical centers.

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This is a sick video and will most likely piss off any animal lover. This is a video from Iraq showing American soldiers having a bit of fun with the locals pets. I get so angry about shit like this, can’t these fools wait for the dog to leave before blowing up the explosives. The video is of the soldiers blowing up a dog in the street and having some fun doing it.  They must be bored, WTF?

If they do this to helpless dogs, you gotta wonder what the hell they are doing to the people. oh, wait, we already know. It really annoys me that the military allows this kind of behavior and only reprimands for it after the media has somehow gotten hold of the video. Of course, the reprimand is not for the actions but for leaking the incriminating video.

And unfortunately, fools like this reflect badly on the American military as a whole. These idiots stir up more hate from the locals and good soldiers pay the price with their lives.

Click Here to watch the sick Video of animal cruelty


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I always find it odd how a mob can do what no single person ever would. Aniraq war and soldiers">bush <a href=war on terror saddam hussien fallujah" align="right" vspace="5" width="204" height="182" hspace="5" /> individual in the street (not a suicidal terrorist) would never even think such things as happened in this video, but put 20, 50, 100’s together and fueled by anger and oppression and you get the formula for blood thirsty mob.

This video is one I just came across in my folders, I am not sure if it was ever posted but if it has, it certainly deserves another on the grounds of being some sick and way twisted shit. The video was shot in Fallujah at the start of what should have been a short war in Iraq and illustrates the shear hatred the “liberated” feel towards Bush and the US… the liberators. Let freedom ring, well, if the bell can be heard amidst the gunfire. Religious beliefs come through strongly here as the mob beats the charred bodies as a welcome to the afterlife. Yep, they prove that they can not only torture the living, but also the dead.

Click Here to see the sick video of the street mob

Sadly, the victims were soldiers and civilian diplomats who never deserved such a cruel and twisted fate. They were not the leaders or the men pulling the strings and raking in the profits, just people trying to follow orders and do a job. I guess angry mobs do not make a distinction between the sheep and the sheep herders, and, of course, the sheep herders have too many dogs around for anything like this to ever happen to them.

BTW, Fallujah is also the same city of the soft serve grenade

US troops seized tons of weaponry, from rifles to heavy bombs, from hand grenades to artillery rounds. The munitions were found in homes, mosques, cargo containers, bunkers and other sites.

Among the most novel finds: An ice-cream truck that had been converted into a mobile car-bomb factory, complete with all the parts and weaponry needed to turn any vehicle into a weapon on the spot.

Can I get my grenade dipped in chocolate please.

soft serve grenade

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This poor man gets shot then executed by being beheaded with a saw - sick video of terrorism from 1996.. old school terrorism that still seems to be around. Bloody and very graphic, not for squeemish.

Man beheaded with Saw in green field by Terrorists 

 Another man beheaded by Terrorists, Egyptian man executed

For more sick videos and execution images check out the just sick shit executions pages.

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When we thought beheading may have been the grizzliest act imaginable by these monsters, they show us they can be more terroristic and inhuman. Taking us back to the good ole days of burning at the stake, these terrorists set the hostages on fire.

The video below shows these terrorists pouring gasoline or another combustible liquid on the victims then putting them a blaze alive. These men were set on fire and burned alive by the terrorists.

from Fox news

“Al Qaeda’s latest display of terror has made its way onto the Internet, showing horrifying images of what appear to be prisoners in Iraq being doused with an inflammatory liquid and then burned alive.”

Click Here to download the video of the purported burning alive of hostages by Al Qaeda

al qaeda burns hostages alive

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We all know about the great achievements of Thomas Edison, but here is a sicker side of Edison and some information many do not know.

In his efforts to show how great his inventions were and to try to discredit his competition, Thomas Edison executed many animals by electrocution to prove his point with the largest being an elephant named Top-sy. The video Edison shot of the executions">sick execution of Top-sy is below. Edison filmed the execution in front of a large crowd and released the movie later on.

thomas edison electrocuting an elephant and animals as experiments1903: Thomas Edison stages his highly publicized electrocution execution of an elephant in order to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current, which, if it posed any immediate danger at all, was to Edison’s own direct current.

Edison had established direct current at the standard for electricity distribution and was living large off the patent royalties, royalties he was in no mood to lose when George Westinghouse and Nicola Tesla showed up with alternating current.

Edison’s aggressive campaign to discredit the new current took the macabre form of a series of animal electrocutions using AC (a killing process he referred to snidely as getting “Westinghoused”). Stray dogs and cats were the most easily obtained, but he also zapped a few cattle and horses.

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This is some sick shit, a execution-by-stoning-alive-and-well-in-middle-east-post-taliban/" title="execution by stoning in Iran">execution by stoning. This is an execution video of the practice of stoning women in the middle east. In the video, they wrap the victim in cloth dress, dig a hole and put the woman to be stoned into the hole with half her body above ground. Later, everyone throws mid sized stones at the victim till she is dead.

A public spectacle of the Mullah’s regime, the crowd comes out in masses to be witness and entertained by the suffering of a helpless victim. I guess even in modern times nothing pleases the sick masses more that a good public execution and blood.

Click this link to watch the stoning execution video

stoning a muslim woman execution

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This is so sick and twisted. This man is apparently executed. They ran him over with a large truck and his head ended up right under the wheels of the truck… talk about some driving issues.

This is really graphic, dude’s head is pancaked on the ground when the truck’s wheels are moved. They scrape this dude off the road and bag him. Click the picture below to play the video.

execution-bloody.wmv" title="bloody execution man run over by a truck death by wheels">Click here to play the video of this man getting his head crushed by a truck in a bloody execution video 

twisted shit - man run over by truck

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One day in the lynch happy south they ran out of negros to hang… hmmm, so what do the fools do to entertain the masses? They lynch the African elephant… I mean they are from Africa, right?

At first glance this does look like a joke of somekind.. you really gotta look at the image and say WTF! This is the biggest lynching in history for sure.

But it is relynching of big mary the elephant in 1916al, this is the lynching of an elephant named Mary.

The year is 1916 and vigilante justice is the rage, whether its a negro or an elephant at the end of the noose does not seem to matter, townspeople come out in mobs, a family affair, to see the spectacle of a good lynching to satisfy the bloodlust.

War was raging and… It was a good year for scapegoats. It was a good year to hang an elephant.

I do say lynching because lynching is the execution without trial carried out by an angry mob… and yes, there was a town angry at Mary.

A circus came to town along with the elephants, clown and trained seals. Mary the elephant was billed as the largest elephant around with the promoters hyping her up as have killed a dozen people for the show.

Here is part of the elephant lynching story and the event that led to such a sick act.

Mary was billed as “the largest living land animal on earth”; her owner claimed she was three inches bigger than Jumbo, P.T. Barnum’s famous pachyderm. At 30 years old, Mary was five tons of pure talent: she could “play 25 tunes on the musical horns without missing a note”; the pitcher on the circus baseball-game routine, her .400 batting average “astonished millions in New York.”

Rumor and exaggeration swarmed about Mary like flies. She was worth a small fortune: $20,000, Charlie Sparks claimed. She was dangerous, having killed two men, or was it eight, or 18?

She was Charlie Sparks’ favorite, his cash cow, his claim to circus fame. She was the leader of his small band of elephants, an exotic crowd-pleaser, an unpredictable giant.

On Monday, September 11, 1916, Sparks World Famous Shows played St. Paul, Va., a tiny mining town in the Clinch River Valley.

Which is where drifter Red Eldridge made a fatal decision. Slight and flame-haired, Red had nothing to lose by signing up with Sparks World Famous Shows: he’d dropped into St. Paul from a Norfolk and Western boxcar and decided to stay for a while.

Eldridge was hired as an elephant handler and marched in the circus parade that afternoon. From statements from that time, it seems that Eldridge may not have had the experience or smarts to handle such large animals. Yep, he may not have realized a 5 ton animal can kill you with a step.

The story of what happened has many versions, the witness story seemed to keep changing. There were 5 versions of how the man was killed from being accidental to a fit of rage. Anyway… the town wanted justice and since mob justice and lynchings were all the rage in the early 1900’s… an public elephant execution was demanded.

They tried to shoot Mary, but that had little effect. They tried electrocution but that did not kill her either. So they wanted the tried and true method of hanging. Mary was hung from a railroad crane that at first try broke, sent her crashing to the ground breaking her hip.

The following is way sick for society, even turn of the last century, and families with children but… more than 2,500 people gathered to watch Mary swing near the turn-table and powerhouse on that drizzly afternoon.

One of those witnesses, Myrtle Taylor, remembered that every child in Erwin was at the Clinchfield Yards. “And they took the other elephants and Mary down Love Street from the performance to the railyards, trunk to tail. We kids hung back because we were scared to death, but still we wanted to see it.”

Wade Ambrose, who was 20 at the time Mary was hung, recalls that the roustabouts chained Mary’s leg to the rail, then drove her companions back around the roundhouse.

“They had a time getting the chain around her neck. Then they hooked the boom to the neck chain, and when they began to lift her up, I heard the bones and ligaments cracking in her foot. They finally discovered that she’d not been released from the rail, so they did that.”

Poor Mary, being of African heritage may have gotten her tortured and lynched without a trial as well.

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