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gay shit

This is some funny shit for sure

Nike Air Yeezy - I like Nikes, but they really are gettin’ a bit out of control. This is some gay shit here.

Nike air yeezyNike Air Yeezy

and don’t forget the Nike Rainbow

rainbow nikenike rainbownike rainbow sneakers

Annonymous dude whose online photo album has him is some odd position, in every other shot. Seriously, WTF was he thinking by adding these to his Flicker stream?

gay shit 1

funny gay shit

gay shit

 Jonas Brothers Southpark - enough said.

Gay shit, jonas brothers southpark

Sexy Spec… i.e. Spectacular, I think thats what he says. This is some funny gay ass shit. No idea if he’s serious about this or being comedic, hopefully it’s the latter. Either way it’s gay ass shit for sure.Sexy Spec doing the “I know you want me” grind

and the top prize for Gayest Shit on the Web goes to drumroll… KeithFromUpDaBlock trying to out do Sexy Spec

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