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Just when you thought you couldn’t stand your neighbors, you end up at Just Sick Shit and find out it really could be worse. Check out these crazy mofo’s, stupid ass rednecks and others of course. I do not wanna feel like I am only picking on the dumb rednecks.

I’m thinking this woman has a collection of Burger King hats, she is queen of the keg for the day cuz ya know no fool would ever get in her way.

redneck all the way to the keg

If you live next door to this crew, I suggest wearing a bullet proof vest to grab the mail. Trust me, those crazy bastards will mistake you for a deer within the seconds it takes to pound a can of Bud.

backyard redneck crew

This house here is a bit creepy… Kids, just let the ball go when it goes into that yard. Trying to retrieve it… not a good idea.

 maniquin yard

I hope this house is decorated for Xmas, however, I doubt it is.

 crzy neighbors during xmas

Neighborhood block party anyone? Granny wants to dance to those 80’s songs still playing in her head while wearing her hot pants.

 dancing granny

From one crazy granny to another, Chuck Norris would be afraid to step in her front yard.

 crazy granny with gun, thats some really crazy shit


 crazy games


 crazy pinwheel

and WTF? again, actually, this fool just wants to surf I guess

redneck surfing

and… If you stop at every yard sale in the city and decorate the yard with the shit, this can be you…

nutty neighbors

Damn, I am starting to really love and appreciate thy neighbor!

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