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Yikes, hope my granny never did this shit! The boob job ain’t helping the situation either.

granny in bikini

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Now this is how you get married, for sure!

It starts with a proposal from the pregnant chick with the shotgun.

 shotgun wedding

we have the family, her kissin’ cousins, brothers, etc…

 redneck family

The wedding ceremony

 redneck wedding

A redneck Wedding Toast

redneck toast

The cool ride out of the wedding trailer,that Limo Truck is sick!

Redneck limo

the after party

redneck hottub

The honeymoon vacation on the river

sick trip

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Stupid Shit, the backwards trailer

redneck trailer for some really stupid fool

Who needs gas when you can have a sun mobile, actually, this is really cool. This is a solar powered car. Hope they checked the weather report before taking that road trip.


who needs gas

who needs windows when you have duct tape?

right way to tape up that broken window

The only way to ride, in the back of a truck… in a homemade hottub. This is the ultimate redneck hot tub,beer keg and all.

ultimate redneck hot tub

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Bush Photochops - The Good, The Bad and The Shitty. You can hardly do a search for Bush anymore without getting all sorts of artistic political views in the form of photoshopped images. So here is a small collection of Bush photochops made by various internet artists with sick photoshop skills.

The full gallery link is below but here a a few of my sick picks from the bunch.

Check out the rest of the sick art and Bush PhotoChops Here

(image gallery link)

Manipulation Accomplished


Texas Cowboy


F Everyone, I am the President, Ya Knows.


Silver Tongued Devil


Patriot Act


Bush War Machine from ArizonaRainMan


Check out the rest of the sick art and Bush PhotoChops Here

(image gallery link)

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Hodge Podge of sick pictures. Just being a bit lazy today and don’t really feel like writing much. The link below goes to a just sick shit image gallery.

Click Here - Crazy, Funny, Gross and Just Sick Images

full body sick tattoo

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This is one sick lawnmower accident, hand gets cut up by lawnmower, thumbs up for safety


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I just realized I posted the post op picks of Dede and not many pre-op photos, so here are a few. for more on the Treeman’s strange deformities and his surgery story ckeck out Dede on surgeries just sick shit.

Here is Dede the treeman trying to light a cigarette around the strange and bizarre deformations on his hands

human tree or treeman smoking

The treemans hands and feet before surgery

Dede the treeman hands covered in warts


Dede’s hands are all covered in crazy warts that look like bark


Dede is now undergoing surgery to remove the growths, so far 4 lbs. of ugly warts have been surgically cut away and Dede can almost use his hands and feet

human tree post op

catch the rest of the treeman story at just sick shit surgeries

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Think you have problems? check out this poor fool. This is Dede, whose deformations">deformations are so extreme that he is called the “treeman”. For 20 years, the tree man, Dede Koswara lived covered in warts with huge tree-like growths encasing his limbs and stretching across his entire body, talk about some sick shit. Doctors are now trying to help the man with multiple surgeries in hopes of making him look less of a freak. I guess the surgery is working because yesterday there was an update on him being able to walk again after removing over 4lbs. of warts.

The story is below.

Here is a video of Dede the treeman at home

Speaking from an Indonesian hospital, he said: “What I really want first is to get better and find a job. But then, one day, who knows? I might meet a girl and get married.”

treeman gets surgery for warts

Dede’s ordeal began when he was 15 and cut his knee in an accident. A small wart developed on his lower leg and spread uncontrollably. Below is a picture of him from the Discovery channel documentary on this unique man and his very rare deformation.


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bone bell sedlec ossuaryA bit on the morbid side, Church made of human bones Image gallery

The Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is a church where the alters, chandaliers, bells and even the coat of ar,ms is all made of human bone. Kinda sick and Bizarre, but it seems that the art is made of 40,000 dead, the skulls and skeletons from many centuries of war and plague victims.

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Sittin here on a Sunday morning with not much to do, I am gonna check out what the rest of the world may do with its spare time.

This teen had nothing better to do this lovely day then go out and sever a hand or two off some infidel.

kid carries severed hand down street

This hot chick just had to show off her ass-ets. I wonder if she knew she had pus filled boil on her plump drumstick that resembles a face. Maybe its the image of Jesus Christ coming to us in the form of a biblical plague?

tub of lard with boils

These ladies put on the tiniest bikinis they had and posed for Sexy ?@! pictures. Can I order myself up a bride?

fat women in bikinis

This fool made himself the ultimate redneck hot tub.

red neck hot tub

How about going out and riding your bike. Now be sure to get a bike that weighs more than you do.

fat man does wheelie on bike

 And this fuzzy wuzzy doggie finally got the grooming he wanted.

matted fur on puppy

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