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This is a sick video and will most likely piss off any animal lover. This is a video from Iraq showing American soldiers having a bit of fun with the locals pets. I get so angry about shit like this, can’t these fools wait for the dog to leave before blowing up the explosives. The video is of the soldiers blowing up a dog in the street and having some fun doing it.  They must be bored, WTF?

If they do this to helpless dogs, you gotta wonder what the hell they are doing to the people. oh, wait, we already know. It really annoys me that the military allows this kind of behavior and only reprimands for it after the media has somehow gotten hold of the video. Of course, the reprimand is not for the actions but for leaking the incriminating video.

And unfortunately, fools like this reflect badly on the American military as a whole. These idiots stir up more hate from the locals and good soldiers pay the price with their lives.

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asian facial piercing festival

This is beyond , these fools are just sewering themselves with, skewers. This is actually done at an Asian vegetarian festival, go figure.

This is very bizarre and just sick shit. Weird world of at the Chinese Vegetarian Festival.

Now skewers is not the only thing these fools with. In the second video, these fools are trying to stick a rather large meet hook, or some kind of spiked hook through the side of this mans face…. way, way, .


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Here is another asian

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I always find it odd how a mob can do what no single person ever would. Aniraq war and soldiers">bush <a href=war on terror saddam hussien fallujah" align="right" vspace="5" width="204" height="182" hspace="5" /> individual in the street (not a suicidal terrorist) would never even think such things as happened in this video, but put 20, 50, 100’s together and fueled by anger and oppression and you get the formula for blood thirsty mob.

This video is one I just came across in my folders, I am not sure if it was ever posted but if it has, it certainly deserves another on the grounds of being some sick and way twisted shit. The video was shot in Fallujah at the start of what should have been a short war in Iraq and illustrates the shear hatred the “liberated” feel towards Bush and the US… the liberators. Let freedom ring, well, if the bell can be heard amidst the gunfire. Religious beliefs come through strongly here as the mob beats the charred bodies as a welcome to the afterlife. Yep, they prove that they can not only torture the living, but also the dead.

Click Here to see the sick video of the street mob

Sadly, the victims were soldiers and civilian diplomats who never deserved such a cruel and twisted fate. They were not the leaders or the men pulling the strings and raking in the profits, just people trying to follow orders and do a job. I guess angry mobs do not make a distinction between the sheep and the sheep herders, and, of course, the sheep herders have too many dogs around for anything like this to ever happen to them.

BTW, Fallujah is also the same city of the soft serve grenade

US troops seized tons of weaponry, from rifles to heavy bombs, from hand grenades to artillery rounds. The munitions were found in homes, mosques, cargo containers, bunkers and other sites.

Among the most novel finds: An ice-cream truck that had been converted into a mobile car-bomb factory, complete with all the parts and weaponry needed to turn any vehicle into a weapon on the spot.

Can I get my grenade dipped in chocolate please.

soft serve grenade

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Jewish marchers WWII

Pretty sick video, starts with a small boy holding his hands up in the air and looking terrified - This is an old 1950’s or so documentary of World War II and the Warsaw Ghetto. The video is Black and White and contains a good amount of vintage footage from WWII.

The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest of the Jewish ghettos established by Nazi Germany in Warsaw, former capital of Poland in the General Government during the Holocaust in World War II. The primary video footage was shot by the Nazis. The photos, also shot by the Nazis.

This film is one of many historical films I will be posting in the next few months about WWI, WWII and the more modern wars. I have started the war archive at http://war.justsickshit.com. In the coming months, I will post the vintage war footage that I have as well as photo galleries of historical photos from the wars in the previous century. So be sure to bookmark war.justsickshit.com and check back often.

primary materials, footage and photographs shot by the Nazis themselves, and the narrator was a survivor of the ghetto.

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elephantitis-really-big-ballsWe keep hearing about how dangerous mosquitoes can be, but wow, who would have thought they can give you balls the size of  1970’s bean bag furniture.

This poor fool has a disease, Lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis, caused by parasitic worms transmitted by mosquitoes.

Lymphatic filariasis currently affects 120 million people worldwide, and 40 million of these people have serious disease.

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Wow, life sure sucks at the moment for this very large walrus who gets into a scrap with what looks like a very hungry White Polar bear looking for his next large, very large, meal. Walrus annihilated by bear and the now very pink Polar bear wins by TKO and eats his prize. Wild Kingdom.

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This poor man gets shot then executed by being beheaded with a saw - sick video of terrorism from 1996.. old school terrorism that still seems to be around. Bloody and very graphic, not for squeemish.

Man beheaded with Saw in green field by Terrorists 

 Another man beheaded by Terrorists, Egyptian man executed

For more sick videos and execution images check out the just sick shit executions pages.

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I must admit that stuff like this :: giant tumors that are allowed to grow unchecked, just boggle my mind. Yes, I feel incredibly sorry for an individual who has a facial tumor">tumor the size of a basketball, but WTF? Why are they waiting untill they can no longer breathe to get medical attention? This ma is only now seeking medical help… after 35 years of tumor growth! The man is 50 years old or so and the giant facial tumor started as a birthmark that grew after puberty.

giant facial tumor man with no face

here’s the story from Discovery

For the past 35 years, 51 year-old Jose Mestre, from Lisbon, has been losing his face to a massive growth, distorting it out of all recognition – The giant tumor deformations">facial deformation is still growing.

The tumour on Jose’s face is a vascular malformation, a collection of blood vessels that have expanded, producing a raised red area on the skin. Jose was born with a strawberry-coloured birth mark on his upper lip; at puberty his face started growing, eventually smothering his lips, nose and one of his eyes. It’s now about 33cm long and weighs around 3kg.

giant-facial-tumor.jpgSurrounded by a loving family, it seems incredible that he has not been treated and his face was allowed to grow so big. However, through years of medical misinformation, some misdiagnosis, lack of finances, and reluctance to undergo treatment due to religious beliefs, the growth has continued to obliterate his face.

Jose is now going through surgeries to have the growth checked.

“CHILDREN see me and start crying,” Jose Mestre mumbles sadly from behind the monstrous 12lb growth that is eating his face.

“They probably think I’m an animal. Why me, why has this happened to me?”

Jose has one of the most extreme facial tumours ever seen in medical history.

And the 51-year-old, from Portugal, is in danger of being suffocated by it unless he undergoes drastic surgery in 2008.

Unemployed Jose is blind in one eye as a result of the giant weeping growth that has consumed his features.

Read the rest of Jose’s interview

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When we thought beheading may have been the grizzliest act imaginable by these monsters, they show us they can be more terroristic and inhuman. Taking us back to the good ole days of burning at the stake, these terrorists set the hostages on fire.

The video below shows these terrorists pouring gasoline or another combustible liquid on the victims then putting them a blaze alive. These men were set on fire and burned alive by the terrorists.

from Fox news

“Al Qaeda’s latest display of terror has made its way onto the Internet, showing horrifying images of what appear to be prisoners in Iraq being doused with an inflammatory liquid and then burned alive.”

Click Here to download the video of the purported burning alive of hostages by Al Qaeda

al qaeda burns hostages alive

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We all know about the great achievements of Thomas Edison, but here is a sicker side of Edison and some information many do not know.

In his efforts to show how great his inventions were and to try to discredit his competition, Thomas Edison executed many animals by electrocution to prove his point with the largest being an elephant named Top-sy. The video Edison shot of the executions">sick execution of Top-sy is below. Edison filmed the execution in front of a large crowd and released the movie later on.

thomas edison electrocuting an elephant and animals as experiments1903: Thomas Edison stages his highly publicized electrocution execution of an elephant in order to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current, which, if it posed any immediate danger at all, was to Edison’s own direct current.

Edison had established direct current at the standard for electricity distribution and was living large off the patent royalties, royalties he was in no mood to lose when George Westinghouse and Nicola Tesla showed up with alternating current.

Edison’s aggressive campaign to discredit the new current took the macabre form of a series of animal electrocutions using AC (a killing process he referred to snidely as getting “Westinghoused”). Stray dogs and cats were the most easily obtained, but he also zapped a few cattle and horses.

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