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This is so sick and twisted. This man is apparently executed. They ran him over with a large truck and his head ended up right under the wheels of the truck… talk about some driving issues.

This is really graphic, dude’s head is pancaked on the ground when the truck’s wheels are moved. They scrape this dude off the road and bag him. Click the picture below to play the video.

execution-bloody.wmv" title="bloody execution man run over by a truck death by wheels">Click here to play the video of this man getting his head crushed by a truck in a bloody execution video 

twisted shit - man run over by truck

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In 1954 the US government pulled some really sick shit, they needed a place to test the hydrogen bomb and found a central pacific island to do it at. Showing very little regard for the inhabitants, they turned the island and the surrounding islands into a radioactive wasteland. Having grossly underestimated the size of the blast and fallout zone, they never evacuated or informed the surrounding islands of the threat.

The following are 2 videos of Early US atomic weapons tests.

CLICK HERE - Bikini Island Atomic Bomb Test Video

atomic test video bikini island castle bravo

CLICK HERE - US Nuclear Testing Video Compilation

US bomb testing nevada desert

bikini-island-explosion-testIn the morning of March 1st 1954 people living on the islands surrounding a place called Bikini Island or Bikini Atoll watched in amazement as 2 suns rose in the sky. Shortly thereafter, it began to snow white ash and the islands water supply became brackish.

“Children played in the fallout; their mothers watched in horror as night came and they began to show the physical signs of exposure. The people experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea, their hair began to fall out, the island fell into a state of terrified panic.”

This is from the testing of atomic weapons on Bikini Island by the United States. Scientists underestimated the explosion and created a radioactive disaster that went far outside the evacuated areas.

atomic-bomb-mushroom-cloudThe people on the neighboring islands received no explanations or warnings whatsoever from the United States government. Two days after the test some of the native people got medical treatment.

The radiation levels made the area uninhabitable for decades to come with the area finally being settled in the early 70’s. Unfortunately for the people who had to wait decades to come home, the problem with radiation was far from over.More testing showed that the area was radioactive and the soil and water supply was contaminated. The radiation caused an increase in birth defects and cancer and in the mid 70’s, the Bikini Islanders sued the US government in order for them to do more testing.

castle bravo bikini island atomic test photo

Early in the morning on March 1, 1954, the hydrogen bomb, code named Bravo, was detonated on the surface of the reef in the northwestern corner of Bikini Atoll. The area was illuminated by a huge and expanding flash of blinding light. A raging fireball of intense heat, that measured into the millions of degrees, shot skyward at a rate of 300 miles an hour. Within minutes the monstrous cloud, filled with nuclear debris, shot up more than 20 miles and generated winds hundreds of miles per hour. These fiery gusts blasted the surrounding islands and stripped the branches and coconuts from the trees.

Joint Task Force ships, which were stationed about 40 miles east and south of Bikini in positions enabling them to monitor the test, detected the eastward movement of the radioactive cloud from the 15 megaton blast. They recorded a steady increase in radiation levels that became so high that all men were ordered below decks and all hatches and watertight doors were sealed.

Millions of tons of sand, coral, plant and sea life from Bikini’s reef, from three islands and the surrounding lagoon waters were sent high into the air by the blast. One and a half hours after the explosion, 23 fishermen aboard the Japanese fishing vessel, the Lucky Dragon, watched in awe as a “gritty white ash” began to fall on them. The men aboard the ship were oblivious to the fact that the ash was the fallout from a hydrogen bomb test. Shortly after being exposed to the fallout their skin began to itch and they experienced nausea and vomiting. One man died.

atomic-test-2.jpgOn Bikini Atoll the radiation levels increased dramatically. And, in late March following the Bravo test, the off-limits zones were expanded to include the inhabited atolls of Rongerik, Utirik, Ujelang and Likiep. It is startling to note that none of these islanders were evacuated prior to this blast or even before the subsequent nuclear weapons tests. In the spring of 1954, Bikar, Ailinginae, Rongelap, Rongerik, were all contaminated by the Yankee and Union weapon tests which were detonated on Bikini Atoll. They yielded the equivalent of 6.9 and 13.5 megatons of TNT respectively.

In more modern news, We all know about this one…

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Here is a video of some sick and twisted shit. In this video you see a man getting his hands and feet cut off with a knife. I do not know what the man did, but this is some harsh and wicked punishment. The video quality here is not that great.

This is a video of some twisted shit, this man gets his hands and feet cut off

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just like the title says, bludgeoned seals. Just Sick and twisted shit - Seal killing in Canada.

“This is the time of year that well-meaning, blood-thirsty, homicidal Canadians dream of. In late spring they set out for the ice floes off the Maritimes, armed with clubs, spears, and rifles, set to do battle with the dreaded but deadly cute baby harp seal. “

seal hunt in canada

Turning the ice red with blood, they killed hundreds of pups during the first day of the annual harp seal hunt.

The cull, which has been the target of protests since the 1960s, will mean the slaughter of up to 320,000 young seals on the floes and islands around Quebec’s les de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St Lawrence.

“It’s just horrific out there,” said Rebecca Aldworth of the Humane Society of the United States. “There is blood all across the ice and seal carcasses as far as the eye can see. We’ve seen seals that were moving around and breathing, that have been left in these piles, some left conscious and crawling.”

bludgeoned-seals-1.jpgAnimal rights campaigners, who claim the pups are often skinned alive, have begun a boycott of Canadian seafood products and are planning protests until the end of the cull on 15 May.

Despite an import ban imposed in the United States and the European Union, a growth in demand for seal pelts from eastern Europe and China led the Canadian government to issue a quota in 2003 that allows hunters to kill 975,000 seals over three years.

seal-pup.jpgIf you are a bit squeemish about watching cute baby seals getting chased and bludgeoned to death, then this video may be a bit to graphic for you.

I would imagine many people saying what is sick about hunting? well this is not “hunting”. This is the slaughter of thousands, not for food. The only reason for this is financial, people in Asia pay money for pelts. People have already “hunted” too many species into extinction, even though the seals are not there yet… they may be in time.

Do we have the right to destroy life in its natural habitat for money and twisted greed? thats the sickening question.



This shows what goes on during a baby seal hunt in Canada.

peta-e/peta/donation.asp?section_code=I03A4B0A&c=pdonvidv5" target="_blank">Help

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doggy fur coat? yep, check out the video - dog and cat fur trade… this is so sick, I look at this type of shit all day long, but I could not make it past a few seconds of this PETA video.

Lesson learned here… If buying a cheap fur coat made in China… It’s probably made of dog.

Help Stop the Cruel Fur Industry.

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Here are a few more videos of the dog slaughterhouses in Asia. These videos are very graphic. The first one here shows a dog meat market or slaughterhouse where the man is burning the fur off with a torch.

There is a recent post with the photos of the Asian dog meat markets and dog carcasses 

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Impalement in the Middle East. This is a really sick graphic video of a Middle East execution by impalement. I do not know what this man did or was accused of doing, but the punishment is way harsh.

It is also public with the community watching cheering and clapping as this man suffers impaled on a pole. Click Here to download video of Impalement

impalement video

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This is some sick ass shit here, Here is the video of a kitty cat getting beheaded and cooked up in Korea. Talk about having your pets for lunch. I know most of the world eats animals, but the video with the cat squeeling as his neck is cut is just rotten.

Click Here to download the cat beheaded in Korea video 

cat beheaded and cooked in korea

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This is some really sick shit here, it seems this mans mouth and lips got eaten away and part of the blame goes to smoking and drinking… ouch

The doctor says the damage was so bad that the man could not even talk. Its hard to believe so much flesh was destroyed in 14 months.

A 56 year-old white male with a history of heavy alcohol and tobacco use presented with a 14-month history of an enlarging lesion involving the upper and lower lips. Here is the picture of him during the surgery.

Click on the below photo or on the link to view this video… this really is some sad shit


Click Here to Check Out The first Video of the original lip eaten away by lesions or tumors



after 6 weeks here is the result as the first part of his lip reconstruction


Check out more Videos and pics of this sick surgery on the surgeries page

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As the year ends, I sit here and try to remember the videos and content that I have posted in the last few months… well since the beginning of the Just Sick Shit websites.

Right away one image comes to mind. You see many are a blur in a mess of torturous, inhumane and wicked behavior that I look at daily writing for JSS… but this one stands out.

It does not stand out for being the most graphic, but more so for being so incredibly wicked and monsterous that it really is at the top of my memory.

For anyone who missed this, I am talking about an old Saddam video of the cruel, sadistic and torterous execution methods he and his sons lived by. This video is shot in the middle East (nothing new there) but it captures sadistic and humiliating torture and execution methods that seem to be taken from an old Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon… or more fitting in this case… Superman.

You see the military took the condemed to the top of a four story building, then pushed them off to splatter on the concrete below. To really humiliate the persons already sentenced to death by way of concrete splat, they dressed the first in a comical superman costume. Basically laughing about these fools better pull a Superman stunt and learn to fly in .0005 seconds.

Unfortunately, this is a torturous method of execution since 4 stories may or may not be high enough to kill on impact and many of these men probably suffered with their bones smashed for quite some time before death took them.

I must add that I am really amazed that youtube still has it up. The Superman method of execution starts about midway, the beginning of the clip is pretty much just soldiers beating the shit out of other men.

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