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Sickly Lucky! This video came out 2 days ago. Seems a woman stumbled around the subway station and fell in the path of a train. Talk about about being very lucky. Fox got this from surveillance footage, they say. The woman is either drugged, drunk, a bit crazy, or just a wee bit suicidal, really, I have no idea.  Either way, lucky beyond belief. Sick videos of a close call…

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Alright, here are the top 10 reasons to maybe quit while you are ahead.. or not. No one really likes a quitter, but this is some crazy shit that no one wants a part of, especially when topless chicks are not involved.

Reason #1 - You may get crazy sick and puke your guts out of your nose while your BFF is taping it all.

drunk girls

Reason # 2 - Faceplant, ooohhh a hard one, OK ,maybe this shit isn’t as funny as it looks? Nope, it’s some funny shit.

drunken woman

Reason #3 - You begin thinking you look cool

looking cool

Reason #4 - The whole pee one yourself while sick wasted.

pee on drunk

Reason #5 - You may begin to think you are Santa Clause, minus the materialistic presents.

drunk santa

Reason #6 - Straight failure at drinking.

spill drink

Reason #7 - Your bros have too much time on their hands and a deep love of porcupines.

drunk fun

Reason #8 - Your bros have too much time on their hands and no love for porcupines. Fuzzy Bunnies all de way.

drunk screwed with

Reason #9 - Your kid begins to emulate you.

bad influence

Reason #10 - Your DUI mugshot looks as silly as this. What is up ? Can’t look badass with your tongue wagging… OK, Mike Tyson still looks like a bad ass.

tyson mug shot

Reason # 11 - 1 over my10 reason limit, but WTF? This could be your redneck brother taking family portraits.

drunk bros

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sarah-palin.jpgThis was a sad weekend for comedy writers, Sarah Palin resigned in Alaska. For a final laugh, she did give us a farewell speech that may live on for many years to come, in late night television.

As always, Sarah puts on a confusing show with too many words that no one but Todd can figure out.

Hollywood needs to know, we eat, therefore we hunt.“…  ahh Sarah, debate was over wolves, not sure who eats wolves.

the cold though, doesn’t it split the Cheechakos from the Sourdoughs? And then in the summertime such extreme summertime about a hundred and fifty degrees hotter than just some months ago, than just some months from now” WTF is she trying to say?

Crazy Videos - Sara Palin Greatest Hits

and there is David Letterman trying to explain it all

The full Sarah Palin rambling session is below, getting through the 2000+ words is a bit painful.

What an absolutely beautiful day it is, and it is my honor to speak to all Alaskans, to our Alaskan family this last time as your governor. And it is always great to be in Fairbanks. The rugged rugged hardy people that live up here Read the rest of this entry »

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What happens when you decide cooking oil is a fine substitute for Botox? hmmm…. you don’t need to wonder, check this crazy shit out.

before cooking oil

and here she is after all her crazy plastic surgery


A Korean woman named Hang Mioku was so obssesed with plastic surgery that she went nuts with it. After too many doctors refused to do any more and that is when this nutcase decided to play doctor herself.

From what I read seems like Hang found a doctor who gave her a “do-it-yourself” silicone injection treatment. This crazy woman ran out of silicone and figured that cooking oil was a great alternative. Hey why not? seems like a logical choice for things you can screw yourself up with… NOT.

After her do it at home cooking oil injections, shit went sideways for Hang. It seems cooking oil was a really bad choice.

Hang gained some sympathy in Korea after her horrifying story aired on TV.  Viewers donated money to a fund to help correct her self mutilation and doctors removed 20 grams of foreign substance from Hang Moiku’s face and 200 grams from her neck. Looking at the above picture, I think there is more reconstructive work to be done. That is some sick ass shit for sure.

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Just when you thought you couldn’t stand your neighbors, you end up at Just Sick Shit and find out it really could be worse. Check out these crazy mofo’s, stupid ass rednecks and others of course. I do not wanna feel like I am only picking on the dumb rednecks.

I’m thinking this woman has a collection of Burger King hats, she is queen of the keg for the day cuz ya know no fool would ever get in her way.

redneck all the way to the keg

If you live next door to this crew, I suggest wearing a bullet proof vest to grab the mail. Trust me, those crazy bastards will mistake you for a deer within the seconds it takes to pound a can of Bud.

backyard redneck crew

This house here is a bit creepy… Kids, just let the ball go when it goes into that yard. Trying to retrieve it… not a good idea.

 maniquin yard

I hope this house is decorated for Xmas, however, I doubt it is.

 crzy neighbors during xmas

Neighborhood block party anyone? Granny wants to dance to those 80’s songs still playing in her head while wearing her hot pants.

 dancing granny

From one crazy granny to another, Chuck Norris would be afraid to step in her front yard.

 crazy granny with gun, thats some really crazy shit


 crazy games


 crazy pinwheel

and WTF? again, actually, this fool just wants to surf I guess

redneck surfing

and… If you stop at every yard sale in the city and decorate the yard with the shit, this can be you…

nutty neighbors

Damn, I am starting to really love and appreciate thy neighbor!

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Sick Video for sure… There may be a lesson learned here as this may not be the best way to remove a giant whale carcass from a beach. Exploding Whales may be a safety hazered all around since many large whales weigh as much as 150 tons.

Actually, the carcuss remains, but now in pieces that have been thrown for miles around and caused some casualties along the way. Can I get a thumbd up for a poorly planned plan thatwent sideways.

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Gross Shit…  depends, Crazy Shit? for sure,  OK, so check these nutty videos out… this is really some sick shit that these fools can do with their tongues and mouths. Now this fool below really has some sick talent… he can pick his nose with his tongue, wow, thats really some sick shit.

Here is another true talent… this fool can stick pretty much anything into his mouth

wait… one more crazy video of some sick tricks, check out the really big mouth.

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I know everyone has seen this, but this is classic, dumb shit.

If anyone ever wonders why so many people around the world use the words “Stupid Americans” maybe a bit too often, well…. I have a feeling this stupid video below helps explain it.

This is footage of what should be the brightest and prettiest of a new generation. I mean, they do go out of the way to ask pageant contestants questions.  Answering not so tough questions allows them to show off their personality and mental abilities.  It’s not just about the beauty, ya know.

Anyway, this sadly, is pretty funny.

What a fuckin Idiot. talk about some sick shit going on in this interview

Question: why is it that 1/5 th of Americans can not find the US on a world map?

Miss Carolina’s answer: US Americans can’t do it because some people out there in South Africa, Iraq and other Asian countries don’t have maps….



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this is a hardcore video, WTF? I know this sick video has been popular around various sites, but, I just had to post the craziness. Yikes. Here’s the not so sick news, I hear this poor fool actually lived after this crazy crash. I have no idea how someone can survive that crazy shit, but I sure feel better watching the video knowing that he did… I think.

sick video as some person gets run over hardcore

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Here are some sick and twisted jobs you may want to stay away from… The following are either people with really sick jobs or just people doing a really sick job.

Or you can click here to check out the gallery of sick & dirty jobs plus images of the jobs that donkeys do.

Target holder


Here is a crazy sick job, what would his title be? Or better yet, what was his price?


Check this one out, the deodorant tester / armpit sniffer. WTF? Yep, this looks like something they would have done in the 1950’s.


Elephant pooper scooper


Basket Bicycle delivery, a bit overloaded maybe


How about this crazy sick job, car cleaner (in g-string) at the mud derby, I think she has a lot of work ahead of her.


Sick Job, Human Pie target


Purple penguin, not liking his job today


The protester, and hey, this fool may be worse off than the others, he is most likely not even being paid. This is like sick volunteering.


Pollution inspector. That just seems like a really dirty job and yes, some sick shit running through his fingers


Cow transport - when you have no truck, just improvise


Here are more images of some sick jobs

click here to check out the gallery of sick & dirty jobs plus images of the jobs that donkeys do.

click here for the full gallery

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