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this is a hardcore video, WTF? I know this sick video has been popular around various sites, but, I just had to post the craziness. Yikes. Here’s the not so sick news, I hear this poor fool actually lived after this crazy crash. I have no idea how someone can survive that crazy shit, but I sure feel better watching the video knowing that he did… I think.

sick video as some person gets run over hardcore

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We are almost at the 1 year anniversary of this dumb stunt. How do you lose a ton of cocaine, well its simple if you’re reckless, have no idea how to drive and have maybe used a bit too much of your own product.

Millions of dollars in coke going down the drain, maybe literally.

Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" alt="Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" align="middle" vspace="5" hspace="5" />

In Colombia, Bogota, wrecks">truck overturned when it cornered a turn too fast, spilling almost a ton of cocaine on the highway.

So this fool, knowing he has 1 ton of columbian cocaine in his truck decides to test the laws of physics in his truck? I believe most people would be extra careful driving with a gram of cocaine in a vehicle, much less a ton of dope. WTF?

The truck was wrecked, the driver was not hurt in the crash (will be badly hurt once his boss finds out he lost a ton of cocaine) can you imagine explaining that one and having to cough it up to being plain stupid, yikes.

Talk about having a really bad day.

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The video below shows what happens when some fools feel the need to show off how well they can drive, when they really can’t. Yes, these cats wreck the cars and bikes.

These guys just don’t know how to leave the jackass stunts to the pros and leave the rest of the people driving down the streets safe from stupid stunts. Stupid drivers should not breed, maybe one day they would be extinct.

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