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The Red Ponchos are a very old, grassroots, military group on Bolivia. They are made up of mostly a single tribe of native indians. The Aymara people, represent about a third of Bolivia. The group sports red ponchos and carries outdated weapons when threatened.

In the last few years, they have been in the news as some of the group achieved political power. The group fights, sometimes guerrilla style against what it believes is oppression and soldiers hide their rifles under their red ponchos. What they are trying to do may be a good thing for the people, but their methods of getting their men all riled up is a bit on the sick side. This video is some really sad shit and very hard to watch for anyone that loves dogs.

The video shows dogs being hung by the neck and decapitated with a knife. No matter what the cause, this is wrong, dog executions.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

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I always find it odd how a mob can do what no single person ever would. Aniraq war and soldiers">bush <a href=war on terror saddam hussien fallujah" align="right" vspace="5" width="204" height="182" hspace="5" /> individual in the street (not a suicidal terrorist) would never even think such things as happened in this video, but put 20, 50, 100’s together and fueled by anger and oppression and you get the formula for blood thirsty mob.

This video is one I just came across in my folders, I am not sure if it was ever posted but if it has, it certainly deserves another on the grounds of being some sick and way twisted shit. The video was shot in Fallujah at the start of what should have been a short war in Iraq and illustrates the shear hatred the “liberated” feel towards Bush and the US… the liberators. Let freedom ring, well, if the bell can be heard amidst the gunfire. Religious beliefs come through strongly here as the mob beats the charred bodies as a welcome to the afterlife. Yep, they prove that they can not only torture the living, but also the dead.

Click Here to see the sick video of the street mob

Sadly, the victims were soldiers and civilian diplomats who never deserved such a cruel and twisted fate. They were not the leaders or the men pulling the strings and raking in the profits, just people trying to follow orders and do a job. I guess angry mobs do not make a distinction between the sheep and the sheep herders, and, of course, the sheep herders have too many dogs around for anything like this to ever happen to them.

BTW, Fallujah is also the same city of the soft serve grenade

US troops seized tons of weaponry, from rifles to heavy bombs, from hand grenades to artillery rounds. The munitions were found in homes, mosques, cargo containers, bunkers and other sites.

Among the most novel finds: An ice-cream truck that had been converted into a mobile car-bomb factory, complete with all the parts and weaponry needed to turn any vehicle into a weapon on the spot.

Can I get my grenade dipped in chocolate please.

soft serve grenade

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Ancient Chinese secret… how to change a girl into a boy, may need to remain a secret since it does not seem to work. It seems some not too well intentioned grandparents broke out the voodoo books and metal pins and may have tried their hands at the old wives tale cure for that horrible Asian birth defect, femaleatosis. That particular plague seems to effect 1/2 the population. Anyway, the pin cushion/human voodoo doll cure, did not work as well as they had hoped for. Sorry grandma and grandpa, still have a granddaughter, maybe they should have removed the pins after a few hours of baby crying and yet no miraculous change in gender.

Here is the original story… Doctors in China have saved the life of a woman who had 26 pins and needles inserted into her body when she was a child in an apparent attempt to change her sex to a boy.

human pin cushion

The objects were discovered when the 29-year-old woman, named in local papers as Luo Cuifen, went to hospital for a check-up after she started experiencing blood in her urine.

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This video is already posted on the executions page, but it is so damn sick that I had to link to it here as well. This is a very graphic, horrible and way sick video of the stoning executions of 4 people in the Middle East. They have for many years executed people

Check out the execution-by-stoning-alive-and-well-in-middle-east-post-taliban/" title="stoning execution in Iran for adultery" target="_blank">post from the executions page of Just Sick Shit or Click here and see the video in WMV format of the bizarre and insane execution of four people accused of adultery by stoning.

The things that large groups of people are capable of in the name of religion is totally insane. To me its unimaginable to even go along with any crazy thing like that. But, I guess that is not the case in many parts of the world.

The village idiot posse is still alive and well and acting as judge, jury and executioner and… they have a reason to kill here… apparently, the bible tells them it is the merciful thing to do. Imagine that

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This is one of the sickest videos I have ever seen…

Around the middle of this clip, these fools start pushing people off a building onto the concrete below. The first person to be pushed off the side is dressed in a Superman costume. How sick and twisted is that?

Who would have guessed those soldiers even had such things as Superman costumes? Or even knew who he was. Anyway, I gotta wonder if they tortured(or killed) those poor men in that way because they did have one costume and got the Superman idea from it.

The beginning is pretty grisley, it shows the beatings and tortures of Saddams sick ass regime, toward the end of this video clip it gets really bad and graphic as the soldiers push people off a building onto the concrete below.

However, the former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, was hanged in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity. (crimes against humanity?… go figure)

and his sons execution gallery and photos post mortem">Uday and Qusay Hussein, well click here to see what happened to them

For Saddams execution videos click here

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This is the Europeon torture methods" target="_blank">Medieval torture device known as the “saw”… can you say OUCH! over and over and over a few more times…

the torture saw, torture device to slice a man in halfThe torture device… yes the “saw” had widespread use all over Europe. The saw was inflicted for a great variety of crimes (rebellion, witchcraft, military disobedience), probably because just about everyone had one and you did not need to go running aroung looking for anything odd like the “virgin” or a “torture rack” when you really wanted to torture and kill some fool.

The torture victim was hung in an inverted position to assure sufficient oxygenation of the brain and to slow down the general loss of blood so that he didn’t lose consciousness at once (can’t have him or her going into shock and passing out through this experience) that way you can really feel your balls cut apart and every slice there after of the torture saw as the victim got slowly cut into 2 pieces.

for more on medieval torture devices and galleries check out the torture page

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