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I really need to stay away from reading the latest about the California Governator and his prison budgets… cuz, it really pisses me off! In a way, I really wanna know what is going on with our money, but then when I find out, I just get upset because its jacked and there seems to be little anyone can do to relieve popular hysteria that is allowing the large prison unions to suck us all dry.

The California Parole system is broken, but it is broken for a good reason, to line the pockets of the correction system unions with 6 figure salaries, people who would only be qualified to work at Jack-in-the-crack without them. I mean, you need tons of people to get tons in overtime and they make sure getting tons of people is no problem. Civil rights? hell, they got trumped by 100k+ salaries to idiots who flunked out of pre-school.

Seriously, the California prison system is one of the largest on the planet with the highest rate of paperwork and parole violators on the planet to match. The Governator just asked for billions more to build more California prisons so California can hire more cousins as guards and give people prison time on their parking tickets so more guards can buy those gas guzzling Hummers they seem to love. Hell, almost makes you wish you were related to a California prison guard, no need for education or even 1/2 a braincell, they take care of their own, ya know.

There is a family I know, if it wasn’t for the correction officer union they would all be on welfare and there is over a dozen of em. They make me sick, always saying how great it is to be able to vote for your own raises and be able to hire all your friends and family. Yep, they claim they vote on whether to get a raise or not… ahh, let me think about that one… “I vote not. California is in a budget crisis ya know… my new Maseratti can wait! DUHHH!”

The sad fact is that the California parole board makes it very hard for parolees to NOT get violated. Getting pulled over for a traffic ticket may get you a year and 3 years of parole no matter what the original sentence, is mandatory. Many people do more time on violations than the original offense, keeping the union fat and happy.

Many parolees are forced into crazy restrictions, even though they are now “free”. I just saw a story about a block of houses in the ghetto. It seems that the parole officers are FORCING the parolees to live there. Once there, they are not allowed to get back to work and are made to file for welfare, whether they want to or not. The welfare is to pay for the housing and the fleet of BMW’s (and all the gold teeth) the cousin, sorry, I mean the home owner wants.

They stack bunk beds 10 deep in the bedrooms and force the “free” men to stay there and pay rent with the welfare money that gets sent directly to the cousin, sorry, the homeowner. If the men have a home and a job to go to and actually leave… well, it’s a violation and another year in prison.

I talked to this kid, he was about 21, he told me he refused to go on welfare, he said he had a wife and child to take care of and if he did the welfare, they would take it out of HER paychecks from work (his wife), he was actually allowed to work (after many complaint letters) and tried to work but the job was 50 miles away from house and it took 2 hours on a bus to get to work. He said they refused to allow him to live closer to his job, seems it was just too much paperwork. Anyway, he is now back in prison because he was late coming back twice… 2 to 3 hours late… Once because of the bus and once because his boss needed some overtime. His wife and child? well, seems their home is now in foreclosure because she just can not pay all the bills alone. Child support? she gets none because “cousin” takes the welfare check. He needs a few more 140″ flat panel plasma tv’s, to give as gifts to the union members that set him up, fat, collecting welfare checks for 30 fools living in his 3 bedroom house. All thanks to the Governator and the State of California!

Here is a quote regarding this issue..

Whoa! Take a deep breath for a minute. I happen to be a Correctional Officer in a state institution that holds about 7200 inmates. I must say (and I am a progressive) that you don’t want these men back on the streets. Many can barely read, don’t have a work ethich other than selling dope, and are prone to violence. God knows what people are capable of doing while under the influence. Be careful what you pray for, you just may get it…

Funny how “ethic” is mis-spelled above from the original quote. That attitude sums us the California budget crisis in regards to the bloated prison population. “God forbid that someone who can not read, be taught how to read, hey, they would then be able to read the paperwork, point out the mis-spellings and maybe some other bullshit being spread on taxpayers.

Just throw them into the bottomless hole where they belong and do everything possible to keep them there for years after the original sentence was completed, drain dry the struggling taxpaying families, schools and social programs to lock up as many people as possible for as long as possible “. Speaking about being prone to violence… I saw some news piece some time back about the Corcoran prison guards who were setting up prison fights to the death for the sake of their own entertainment and gambling… Does that qualify as violent? Criminal sentencing needs to stay where it belongs, with the justice system, NOT the labor unions and their kin.
Unrealistic parole rules set as a blanket, regardless of the individual situation is insane. What is sick ass shit is that the only reason they make it impossible for the parolee’s to get back into society, work and family is to make sure the prisons stay FULL. Without full prisons, there would be no need for tons of overtime! It sickens me that every other state wants parolees to get to work and become self-sufficient while California forces them into insane conditions, all set up to bring them back into prison for the 3 years! WTF Taxpayers? We need school books NOT welfare for parolees that are not allowed to work.

Crazy thing is, that 21 year old kid also said that he tried smoking crack at the house for the first time ever(he was not into drugs, he went to prison over a stupid drunken braw). He said everyone is so bored that all there is left to do is dope. Thats great, my 28% of income tax is going into starting some kids drug problem and keeping up the neighborhood’s crack house. GO GO Governator!

wanna know more about the governator Arnie and the california budget due to intentional prison overcrowding to make a few rich? read this article about how much money California may waste as our school children lack the funds needed for things like…. books

This sums it all up, comment from another article about needing billions more yearly to build more prisons..

I find California’s prison system to be a “MONEY PIT”. And until they revise the Sentensing process and Parole System and get these parts out of the hands of the Prison Unions their will never be an answer. California has turned the Fox Loose in the Hen house.

Bro, the Union’s foxes seem to have penned up not just the hens, but every rooster, turkey and pigeon for their pluckings.

Making money hand over fist and still taking..

People need to be more educated in the real reason why more prison are being build. I college student and my research has been on the Prison Industrial Compex. PRISONS ARE THE NEW SLAVE TRADE. Fortune 500 and multi-billion dollar corporations such as McDonalds, Microsoft, Boeing, Sprint, Compaq, Toys R Us, and Revlon and Victoria ’s Secret use prison labor for packing, telemarketing, and manufacturing. Hattery, Angela and Smith, Earl. (2006) The prison industrial complex. Sociation Today, 4 (2).

Wow, I thought slavery was outlawed long ago, guess I was wrong… you can always use some more slaves, especially when you can charge taxpayers to keep them without them ever being the wiser.


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This story was taken from the Fox News website and it proves there are some incredibly sick mofos out there. Its not a new story, but, first time I saw it. This is one sick ass family.

Apparently the Montgomery family dinner conversations go like this…

I want one honey, please, please

OK, lets go for it

but, honey, they say it takes like 9 months to get one.

hmm, lets think about that… how about adopting?

No, that will never work, I hear you need to be sane to be approved

OK, you may be right… so how do we get a baby in 1 day?

I know… sweety… silly, its so easy

it is?

We find a pregnant lady and we cut the baby out of her body

Wow, I would have never thought of that solution, I always knew you were the smart one in this family.

I love you

I love you too honey.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A medical examiner testified that she believed a 23-year-old pregnant woman was conscious and trying to defend herself as a kitchen knife was used to crudely cut the baby from her womb as she was killed.

Also Friday, five women who lived or worked in Melvern at the time said they were surprised and skeptical when Montgomery and her husband showed up with a new baby.The testimony came Friday in the federal trial of 39-year-old Lisa Montgomery, who is accused of killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking the baby on Dec. 16, 2004. Montgomery was arrested the next day while showing off her new child in Melvern, Kansas. She has pleaded guilty by reason of insanity.

Stinnett was coming in and out of consciousness when Montgomery was cutting into her womb. she was either standing or sitting with her knees raised — when she was cut.

They said Montgomery and her husband, Kevin, seemed ecstatic about the new baby girl and that Lisa showed no signs of trauma or of being upset, and had answers for all their questions about the birth.

As the baby was being introduced in Melvern, investigators were closing in on Montgomery as a suspect in Stinnett’s death after using Stinnett’s computer to connect the two women through chat rooms and Web sites devoted to breeding rat terrier dogs.

One witness, Jennifer Sage, said she had heard on the morning of Dec. 17, 2004, that a woman had been killed in Skidmore, Missouri, and a baby stolen. When Montgomery came to the Osage County Courthouse and said she had given birth at a birthing center in Topeka, Kansas, Sage called the center.

“It was very odd,” she said. “It was just too weird for me.”.

Green, who worked with Montgomery at a Casey’s convenience store, said Montgomery seemed in touch with reality and happy to be home.

Green also testified about problems Montgomery had with her mother and siblings, who she said were nearly always fighting. She also testified that Montgomery told her she had been raped by her stepfather as a teenager and her mother blamed her for trying to take her husband away from her.

What The F**k? and this crazy biatch blames what she did on herself being abused as a child and angry at her own mom? and, to top this off, what got her busted, was not that she just came up with some baby, but a website for breeding rat terrier dogs? WTF? and this nut cases hubby went along with it…WTF? again.

Crazy ass nuts should NOT breed! I guess they knew that one since they stole the kid. That right there tells me they were thinking and for that should not be allowed to use that “old” insanity excuse.

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This is one of the sickest videos I have ever seen…

Around the middle of this clip, these fools start pushing people off a building onto the concrete below. The first person to be pushed off the side is dressed in a Superman costume. How sick and twisted is that?

Who would have guessed those soldiers even had such things as Superman costumes? Or even knew who he was. Anyway, I gotta wonder if they tortured(or killed) those poor men in that way because they did have one costume and got the Superman idea from it.

The beginning is pretty grisley, it shows the beatings and tortures of Saddams sick ass regime, toward the end of this video clip it gets really bad and graphic as the soldiers push people off a building onto the concrete below.

However, the former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, was hanged in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity. (crimes against humanity?… go figure)

and his sons execution gallery and photos post mortem">Uday and Qusay Hussein, well click here to see what happened to them

For Saddams execution videos click here

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This is the Europeon torture methods" target="_blank">Medieval torture device known as the “saw”… can you say OUCH! over and over and over a few more times…

the torture saw, torture device to slice a man in halfThe torture device… yes the “saw” had widespread use all over Europe. The saw was inflicted for a great variety of crimes (rebellion, witchcraft, military disobedience), probably because just about everyone had one and you did not need to go running aroung looking for anything odd like the “virgin” or a “torture rack” when you really wanted to torture and kill some fool.

The torture victim was hung in an inverted position to assure sufficient oxygenation of the brain and to slow down the general loss of blood so that he didn’t lose consciousness at once (can’t have him or her going into shock and passing out through this experience) that way you can really feel your balls cut apart and every slice there after of the torture saw as the victim got slowly cut into 2 pieces.

for more on medieval torture devices and galleries check out the torture page

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torture devices used in Iraq for olympic team">

torture devices used in Iraq for olympic team

In most countries great athletics are rewarded and a bad performance may mean some lecturing from the coach…

In Iraq (and these are only allegations I believe) you really, really, do not want to F’up in the Olympics because the above photo shows what you may return home to. Actually, may be thats why the teams were never that great, the fastest runners and the best athletes were good and fast enough to run away when the Olympic commitee came calling, so what they got stuck with are the ones they caught.

Torture devices allegedly used by Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein, on members of Iraq’s Olympic team as tools of punishment for bad performance.

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