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This is onewrecks" target="_blank"> sick wreck. The truck trailer is almost indistinguishable and I have no clue how that red 4 door sedan got right into the middle of that mess.  I must add, from this angle, those police cruisers are perfectly lined up. This almost looks like one of those wild police chase videos you see that went way sideways.



A towing company called D & E Towing keeps pictures of some of the crazy truck wrecks, truck spills and sick shit they have responded to. Check out some of the not too safe driving damage done below. The guys at D & E must have had a challenging task of pulling all these wrecks out of the twisted mess, starting with this one that seems to be floating in a lake.


So what was this twisted and burned up wreck originally? Almost reminds me of a motorhome.


This upside down truck spill seems to have spilled its load of sand



Alcohol abuse maybe? Are those kegs of beer I see spilling out of that truck wreck? If not, they sure look like kegs of some sort. A good amount of aluminum is heading towards the recycling yard after this.


Yikes, WTF? that is one sick car wreck. I wish I knew what the story behind that crazy shit was.


Looks like a twisted up “liquid carrying” truck, but I may be wrong.


For more sick car wrecks and crazy truck spills check out our wrecks site at wrecks.justsickshit.com.

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We are almost at the 1 year anniversary of this dumb stunt. How do you lose a ton of cocaine, well its simple if you’re reckless, have no idea how to drive and have maybe used a bit too much of your own product.

Millions of dollars in coke going down the drain, maybe literally.

Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" alt="Dumb ass wrecks truck filled with 1 ton of columbian cocaine in street" align="middle" vspace="5" hspace="5" />

In Colombia, Bogota, wrecks">truck overturned when it cornered a turn too fast, spilling almost a ton of cocaine on the highway.

So this fool, knowing he has 1 ton of columbian cocaine in his truck decides to test the laws of physics in his truck? I believe most people would be extra careful driving with a gram of cocaine in a vehicle, much less a ton of dope. WTF?

The truck was wrecked, the driver was not hurt in the crash (will be badly hurt once his boss finds out he lost a ton of cocaine) can you imagine explaining that one and having to cough it up to being plain stupid, yikes.

Talk about having a really bad day.

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car wraps around a treeTalk about having a really really bad day, This SUV veared off road and the unfortunate tree crossed its path. The driver however had even worse luck than the tree because this was a fatal crash… looking at this picture, you can see there really was no way to get lucky and walk away from this traffic disaster

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This truck was a 2004 White Western Star owned by the company my dad works for. The driver who has a history of driving too fast,tried to exit the NJ Turnpike at exit 12 Carteret. The truck was overweight at 92,000lbs (yes 92,000lbs) and going too fast for the turn, he just drove straight over the edge. Landed nose first and rolled over. The driver survived by being thrown on the floor while the cab was crushed to less then half its size. If he stayed in the drivers seat he would have been decapitated. It took almost an hour to cut him out. I will send more pics of this truck as it still sits on company property.

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